Ghost’s “Year Zero” Lyrics Meaning

One prominent music site described Ghost’s “Year Zero” song as one that seeks to usher “Satan into the realm of man”. In other words, the reason why this particular junction in history is referred to as “Year Zero” is because it is the “beginning of a new age”, i.e. one in which the devil rules the Earth – or something to that effect.

So with that in mind, what we are met with here is largely twofold. In one regard, “Year Zero” does very much read as if it is an ode to Satan. But going as far as to conclude that Ghost are devil worshippers, based solely on these lyrics, would be a stretch. Rather and secondly, this is one of those types of pieces that doesn’t speak highly of the nature of man. 

For instance, our “fate” is likened to “that of lice”, and people are even referred to as being “equal as parasites”, you know, as if our main ambition is pleasure and taking advantage of one another.

So basically, what the vocalist is getting at conclusively is the era of Satan, if you will, being imminent. It may be such that the “kings and queens” of the Earth are unable to perceive this. But as for someone who is in the satanic-know like Papa Emeritus II, he is able to clearly foresee that the world is fated to go to hell.

Lyrics for Ghost's "Year Zero"


From the eyes of the narrator of “Year Zero”, the current trajectory of the world is such that the earthly reign of Satan is at hand.

Facts about “Year Zero”

“Year Zero” is one of Ghost’s earliest singles, with Loma Vista Records releasing this song on 19 April 2013, and it being part of the playlist of “Infestissumam”, the Swedish act’s second album.

A Ghoul Writer penned “Year Zero” alongside Ghost frontman Tobias Forge and one Martin Persner, i.e. the band’s guitarist at the time. In fact Forge is on record as putting forth that this is one of only two tracks in Ghost’s discography which he was not the primary author of, i.e. with Persner rather serving that role (and the other being 2015’s “Zenith”).

Meanwhile, the producer of this song is American behind-the-scenes’ musician Nick Raskulinecz.

This track (and its music video) was a critical success, in addition to “Year Zero” apparently being a fan favorite. However, by the looks of things, the song did not chart in any country.

The interesting cover art to this track was directly inspired by an early 19th century engraving titled Satan Presiding at the Infernal Council.

The music video to this song was directed by another Swede in Amir Chamdin. And it has been strongly noted that there is two versions of the clip, i.e. the original as well as one that is censored.

Year Zero

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