“Candy Necklace” by Lana Del Rey

“Candy Necklace” is scheduled to be released on 24th March 2023, as part of “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”, Lana Del Rey’s ninth studio album. This project is backed by two major labels, Polydor and Interscope. Both labels have been responsible for all of Del Rey’s LPs to date except for the very first one (that being her self-titled effort, which came out in 2010).

Jon Batiste in the House

This song features Jon Batiste, who also co-wrote “Candy Necklace” with Del Rey. Batiste, a native of Louisiana, is a jazz musician who has worked with some of the biggest names in the game. 

He also has a handful of Grammy Awards under his belt, all five of which were won as recently as 2022. This is his first collaboration with Lana Del Rey.  But to note, he also participated on another track from “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” which is actually titled “Jon Batiste Interlude”.

Lyrics of “Candy Necklace”

There’s two things that should be pointed out about this song from the onset. First is that, despite officially featuring a male vocalist, classifying “Candy Necklace” as a duet would be a stretch. That is to say that Jon Batiste’s vocal contribution only comes in the outro, where he is briefly tasked with repeatedly uttering the phrase “candy necklace”. 

But perhaps the reason he co-headlines the song is because he also co-wrote it in addition to playing the piano herein, on top of rendering the interlude which follows it on Del Rey’s album “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”.

Second is that as far as Lana Del Rey songs go, this one is relatively straightforward. That is to say that there are only two sentiments being expressed really. The primary one, as indicative of the chorus/title, is the vocalist being smitten by the addressee. And more specifically, she appears to be “obsessed” with his recklessness.

But apparently, it’s that same youthful rashness which makes him sort of an inconsistent lover. In other words, the second verse insinuates that at times he has a tendency to abuse Lana or make her “feel super suicidal”. 

So it appears as if their relationship started off as one that was all gravy. But as time progressed, the addressee began to treat the vocalist in such a way that is negatively affecting her self-esteem.

But going back to the nature of the chorus, she remains “obsessed” with him nonetheless. For readers who may not know, candy necklaces are a real thing, a type of sweet that you can literally hang around your neck (though doing so for long periods isn’t particularly advisable). That is what Del Rey is comparing this featured romance too, faults and all.

“You’ve been actin’ pretty restless
Dancin’ like the young and restless
And I’m obsessed with it
Candy necklaces
You’ve been actin’ pretty reckless
Dancin’ like the young and restless
And I’m obsessеd with this
All his candy necklaces”

Maybe there is some deeper meaning behind that comparison. Perhaps what Lana is trying to say, since she implies in the second verse that she’s a lot more committed than the other party involved, is that his love has proven temporal, as with the standing of candy necklaces, a fickle piece of jewelry, if you will.  But that is just speculation on our part. 

And whether that is the intended analogy or not is ultimately inconsequential, since it can be more easily gleaned from the second verse that such is the case, i.e. the addressee proving toxic despite the vocalist’s strong feelings for him.

Candy Necklace

Mesmerizing Lyrics

“Lana’s voice, the piano, and the gentle way she sings the lyrics are simply mesmerizing. Whenever I listen to ‘Candy Necklace’ everything else fades away, and my mind is consumed by the sheer beauty of the song. It’s very difficult to articulate just how good it is. Lana is undoubtedly one of the greatest pop artists of our time, and this song is a clear testament to that. I’m happy for her music, artistry, and creativity”

– Monika

A Journey Down Memory Lane

“Listening to this song evoked a sense of deep melancholy in me, bringing back loads of memories. Lana has been a constant presence in every phase of my life. I started listening to her when I was only thirteen years old, and even now, her music still gives me goosebumps, just like the first time I heard her “Next to Me” track.

Her voice takes me on a journey through my past, and I can feel her music in the background of every memory. She is a true goddess, and I adore her.”

– David

Such a Talented Singer

“To me, Lana is more like an angel than a mere mortal, and her music has touched my soul in ways that nothing else can. I am at a loss for words to describe how I feel about “Candy Necklace.” I’m happy to be alive in a time when Lana is creating such beautiful music. She is one of a kind, and her voice is truly unique.

This lady always delivers when it comes to taking her art seriously, unlike the popular trend of musicians creating 2-minute long songs. How can mere 2 minutes convey the emotion and depth of a song? I want to be completely immersed and moved by the music, and obviously 2 minutes will not be enough.

Lana’s depth as an artist is truly remarkable and incredible, which is what sets her apart and makes her an icon in the industry.”

– Andrew

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