“Let the Light In” by Lana Del Rey (ft. Father John Misty)

For starters, even though Father John Misty is credited as a featured artist, his contribution to “Let the Light In” basically comes in the form of serving as a background vocalist, teaming up with Lana to render the chorus. 

So on one hand, it can be taken that the lyrics reflect both partners’ perspective of the romance they are in. But as far as the actual verses, they deal exclusively with Lana’s viewpoint, though as inferred by the chorus her and other party’s hearts and minds are in unison.

Secondly, the lyrics are somewhat ambiguous. In other words, it feels like Del Rey is trying to get at something deeper than what’s readily being put forth on the surface.

For example, the verses read as if the vocalist and addressee are in a holistically-edifying romance, one where both of them are heavily into music. But then, the chorus implies that this more accurately may be a breakup-than-makeup type of relationship. 

That notion is verified via the bridge, where Lana seems to be expressing a desire to have peace, instead of war, with the addressee.

So it can be postulated that in a way, “Let the Light In” is like two songs in one. Or put otherwise, the verses give the impression that the relationship between Lana and John is all good, exciting even. 

However, the chorus and bridge imply that they also have their moments of conflict leading to estrangement. But the thesis sentiment, i.e. encouraging one another to “let the light in”, is indicative of the fact that even though they may fight sometimes, neither party actually enjoys pissing the other off, which would infer that they are indeed in love.

“Ooh, let the light in
At your back door yelling ’cause I wanna come in
Ooh, turn your light on
Look at us, you and I, back at it again”


This is one of the few tracks from Del Rey’s “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” that Jack Antonoff was not involved in. Instead, besides for the singer herself, its other writer and producer is Mike Hermosa. Additionally, Drew Erickson contributed on the writing front, and Benji Lysaght also acted as a co-writer.


Meanwhile, this song came out as part of the aforenoted project on 24 March 2023, making this current studio album Lana Del Rey’s eighth under Interscope and Polydor. And to note, she did drop one prior to hooking up with those labels in 2011, that being her self-titled full-length which was released in 2010.

Let the Light In


Lana Del Rey shows The Beatles some love by namedropping them in the bridge of “Let the Light In”. In the process she does insinuate that this 1960s’ band is amongst her favorites. Furthermore, in context, she alludes to especially being keen to enjoying the Fab Four at times when she and the addressee are quarrelling.

This cool reference can be found in the following line:

“Put the Beatles on, light the candles, go back to bed
‘Cause I wanna, wanna, wanna want you”

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