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in the stars – Navigating Loss and Eternal Farewells

Benson Boone’s ‘In the Stars’ strikes a chord that resonates deeply with the hearts of those grappling with loss. At first listen, it is a poetic lament, a carefully crafted reflection on the permanent absence marked by the words ‘six feet’s never felt so far.’ The emotional authenticity with which Boone explores the void left by a departed soul makes ‘In the Stars’ not just a song, but a shared experience for anyone who has felt the sting of a forever goodbye.

Before You

“Before You” by Benson Boone

Benson Boone’s “Before You” is a love song. Its lyrics ultimately read like one of those types where the singer is putting forth that his life has been holistically edified via his relationship with...

In the Stars

“In the Stars” by Benson Boone

What Benson Boone’s “In the Stars” reads like is a song of bereavement, i.e. the addressee being someone who is ‘six feet’ under. Also said individual was also a person the vocalist truly loved, perhaps...

Ghost Town

“Ghost Town” by Benson Boone

Most simply explained, “Ghost Town” is akin to a breakup song. But that noted, it is far more complex than your typical teenage love fare. Usually in such cases, we are dealt with either a...

Room For 2

“Room For 2” by Benson Boone

According to Benson Boone’s own explanation of “Room For 2”, it was inspired by him apparently falling in love for the first time (with the singer being 19 years old as of the writing of this post). And...