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Outnumbered – Unveiling the Layers of Hope and Resilience

Dermot Kennedy’s ‘Outnumbered’ isn’t just a song; it’s a soaring, deeply textured anthem that elegantly weaves threads of vulnerability, support, and love into a tapestry of human emotion. On the surface, with its melodic crescendo and heartfelt lyrics, it’s easy to lose oneself in the rawness of Kennedy’s vocals. However, beyond the initial auditory embrace, there lies a poetic depth.

Power Over Me – Unraveling the Threads of Love and Devotion

In Dermot Kennedy’s emotive anthem ‘Power Over Me,’ the Irish singer-songwriter weaves a rich tapestry of love, influence, and devotion. Like a siren’s song calling through a misty haze of emotion, Kennedy’s voice conveys a profound vulnerability that resonates with a haunting familiarity. It’s a melodic journey not just into the heart but also into the soul-shaking power that love holds over us.


“Dreamer” by Dermot Kennedy

Certain parts of this song (“Dreamer”) would logically imply that the addressee is a romantic interest, but this is also one of those pieces where such is not forthrightly stated. As described by Dermot Kennedy,...

Giants by Dermot Kennedy

“Giants” by Dermot Kennedy

As has been pointed out before on this platform, sometimes the lyrics of a song can read like romance but actually have a deeper meaning. Such is the case with Dermot Kennedy’s “Giants”. It is quite...