“Giants” by Dermot Kennedy

As has been pointed out before on this platform, sometimes the lyrics of a song can read like romance but actually have a deeper meaning. Such is the case with Dermot Kennedy’s “Giants”. It is quite obvious that the singer is addressing a romantic interest.  And the title of this song is apparently based on him putting forth a sentiment akin to believing that they were more confident and optimistic in the past. But perhaps unbeknownst to most listeners, the reason as to why they’ve lost their gusto doesn’t have anything to do with their romance. Rather, this song is specifically set in the era in which it was released, i.e. mid-2020. This is a year in history where many traditional aspects of society are being upended. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Dermot Kennedy's Giants at Lyrics.org.

So what the singer is ultimately telling the addressee is something like even though the forthcoming days are not predictable, they will still prevail. And being that the lyrics allude to the addressee being a romantic interest, the singer is specifically insinuating that reclaiming their future is dependent on the two of them being together.

Summary: “Giants” has a romantic feeling but ultimately points to the notion of having faith during uncertain times.

“Giants” is a product of Island Records. And they released the tune on 24 June 2020. And at the time of its release, it was unassociated with any album.

The track was produced by Koz. Koz also wrote the tune in conjunction with Scott Harris and Kennedy himself.

Inspiration for “Giants”

According to Kennedy, the inspirational 2020 viral poem “What if 2020 isn’t canceled?” inspired him to pen this song.

Below is said poem (which was written by one Leslie Dwight):

What if 2020 isn't canceled?

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  1. Barbara Graham aka luckee says:

    Love this and this guy is amazing whom ever gets this person to hold at night is the luckiest person ever ….so mote it be

  2. ur mom says:

    i love this song so much, its just such a great vibe!

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