“Dreamer” by Dermot Kennedy

Certain parts of this song (“Dreamer”) would logically imply that the addressee is a romantic interest, but this is also one of those pieces where such is not forthrightly stated. As described by Dermot Kennedy, what “Dreamer” is meant to speak to is the concept of true love being based on “the little things”, as he put it, as opposed to “grand” displays of affection. 

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Also under Dermot in-his-own-words’ estimation, “just being there” for that special person can be such a powerful “display of love”. So that sentiment would presumably be why the song concludes along the lines of the vocalist relaying his undying commitment to the addressee more so than anything else.

And with all of that in mind, somewhat oddly the title itself never appears in the lyrics. But one way of theoretically explaining it is as pointing to the vocalist’s ‘dream’ or vision of the ideal relationship between him and the addressee. As envisioned it is one whereby said individual comes to appreciate Dermot for his willingness to be by her side. In other words, the singer is not out to secure this person’s love through material means but rather by advertising himself as someone who is truly committed to their relationship.

Lyrics to Dermot Kennedy's "Dreamer"
Dermot Kennedy explains the meaning of "Dreamer"

Dermot Kennedy

Dermot is a singer from Ireland, a former teenage busker, who dropped his debut LP, “Without Fear”, in 2019. His second studio album, “Sonder”, is slated to come out in September of 2022. 

Release of “Dreamer”

“Dreamer”, which was released on 29 June of 2022, is the third single from that Dermot’s “Sonder” album. Other singles from “Sonder” are:

  • “Better Days”
  • “Something to Someone”


Dermot wrote this song with two of its producers, Scott Harris and Dan Nigro. The third producer of “Dreamer” is Ryan Linvill.

The music video to this track was helmed by director Chirolles Khalil.


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