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pink skies – Unraveling the Intimacy of Indie Pop Anthems

In a digital age where music often hinges on complex production, LANY’s ‘Pink Skies’ emerges as an intimate portrait of love in its purest form. It’s a track where simplicity serves as the canvas for raw emotions, painting a picture of youthful affection that is as timeless as it is fresh.

13 – The Anatomy of a Modern Breakup Ballad

In a world cluttered with love songs narrating the bright inception or the bitter end of romance, Lany’s ’13’ emerges as a melancholic introspective on the oft-overlooked interim—where a relationship hovers in a purgatorial expanse between being and nothingness. With a blend of synth-pop resonance and heart-rending lyrics, Lany encapsulates the disquiet of romantic liminality.

Thick And Thin – The Anthem of Frayed Loyalty and Lost Promises

Love and loyalty are themes that course through the veins of countless songs, but Lany’s ‘Thick And Thin’ distills these motifs into a bittersweet narrative that is both intimately familiar and freshly wrenching. The band has always had a knack for unraveling the complexity of relationships with a piercing lyrical directness, and ‘Thick And Thin’ serves as a testament to that skill.

ILYSB – Exploring the Depths of an Affectionate Anthem

Lany’s ‘ILYSB’ (I Love You So Bad) isn’t just a mere ensemble of catchy hooks and hypnotic beats—it’s a confessional anthem that delves into the euphoric agony of love. The synth-driven track, poised with heartfelt lyricism, carries listeners on a sonic journey through the highs and lows of romantic longing. It’s an intoxicating mixture of raw emotion and electro-pop finesse that transcends the normative boundaries of love songs.

malibu nights – Unraveling the Heartbreak Odessey Under the Neon Skies

At its core, ‘Malibu Nights’ by LANY isn’t just another ballad steeped in the throes of post-breakup despair; it’s a deeply introspective journey bracketed by the cold quiet of solitude and the pulsing warmth of Malibu’s nocturnal embrace. It’s a story told from the raw edges of a broken heart, an exploration of the intimate battle one wages when the rest of the world sleeps unaware.


“Congrats” by LANY

LANY’s “Congrats” is very similar in style to Rihanna’s classic “Take a Bow”. In other words, the title would suggest that the vocalist is complimenting the addressee, who by the way is a former romantic partner...

Roll Over, Baby

“Roll Over, Baby” by LANY

According to Paul Klein, he was amazed that the concept of “roll over, baby”, i.e. a somewhat-common expression one would say to a lover while lying in bed with him or her, hasn’t already been explored...

Never Mind, Let's Break Up

“Never Mind, Let’s Break Up” by LANY

LANY’s “Never Mind, Let’s Break Up” is based on a romance which, in hindsight, we can perhaps say never should have transpired. And that’s because the vocalist hooked up with a lady who possessed two...

Stupid Feelings

“Stupid Feelings” by 220 KID & LANY

The titular “stupid feelings” are actually those possessed by the vocalist.  But it isn’t like he’s really dissing himself per se. Rather what that metaphor, if you will, truly speaks to is his fragile...


“dna” by LANY

LANY’s “dna” is premised on the vocalist asserting that he is not afraid to fall in love. This is despite the fact that he has dealt with romantic disappointment in the past, in addition to...