“Roll Over, Baby” by LANY

According to Paul Klein, he was amazed that the concept of “roll over, baby”, i.e. a somewhat-common expression one would say to a lover while lying in bed with him or her, hasn’t already been explored in song. 

However, the way he utilizes the terminology within this piece is not how it is conventionally understood in such a context. We would venture to say that usually when you tell your lover to “roll over” in bed, maybe it’s for some amorous intent, i.e. making love. But the reason the vocalist’s lover, i.e. the addressee, is not facing him is because the two of them have some sort of beef.  In other words, she’s pissed off. 

So in this case, the vocalist admonishing the act of ‘rolling over’ serves more or less as a symbolic device. And what it represents, most simply put, is Paul’s desire to make peace with his lady. 

So what he is telling her conclusively is something like, in the grand scheme of things it, i.e. their current tiff, ain’t that serious. Therefore he doesn’t want her to go to sleep upset. But that said, it’s not like he’s begging for forgiveness or anything like that. Rather he wants to meet her “halfway” and, as stated earlier, bring about peace.

So in a way, we can say that individual listeners may interpret the intricacies of this song differently. But what it basically boils to is the vocalist most notably not being comfortable with his sweetheart angry at him.

Lyrics for "Roll Over, Baby" by LANY
Roll Over, Baby
What LANY said of "Roll Over, Baby"

Release Date of “Roll Over, Baby”

Interscope Records made this track public on 25 August 2021 as the fourth single from the uniquely-entitled gg bb xx, i.e. LANY’s fourth studio album. Other singles produced by gg bb xx include:


This song was penned by Paul Jason Klein in conjunction Jesse Saint John and one of the track’s producers, Andrew Goldstein. 

And the other acknowledged co-producer of “Roll Over, Baby” would be the entirety of LANY which, besides Paul Klein, also consists of keyboardist Charles Leslie Priest and drummer Jake Clifford Goss.

Who Is Paul Klein?

Paul Jason Klein is a singer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is more generally known as the lead singer of LANY, a band who is recognized for tracing their group origins most notably to the city of Los Angeles. 

Klein is a certified pop star in that, at the age of 33 as of the writing of this post, he’s approaching 750,000 followers on Instagram, in addition to being able to boast of nearly 400,000 subscribers to his Twitter account

However, by the looks of things, Paul has yet to earn his own individual Wikipedia page, even though LANY’s discography dates back to 2014. This is likely because despite being an undeniably popular act, they haven’t really sold a ton of records to date. 

But that aside, as far as Klein’s love life goes he has been romantically linked in the past to fellow pop star Dua Lipa as well as an actress by the name of Nicola Peltz.

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