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Oceans – Unraveling the Depths of Longing and Separation in Song

In the vast repertoire of modern ballads, there are those that stand out not just for their haunting melodies but for the profound depth of emotion they capture within a few stanzas. ‘Oceans’ by Seafret is one such song, a piercing portrayal of desire, separation, and the raw human need for connection that can feel as vast as the sea itself.

Atlantis – Unraveling the Depths of Lost Love and Impermanence

Seafret, the British music duo known for their poignant storytelling through melodic soundscapes, dives deep into the ocean of heartbreak with their song ‘Atlantis.’ In the lyrical odyssey, the listener is invited to explore a tale of love lost and the painful acceptance of its inevitable downfall.


Meaning of “Atlantis” by Seafret

The song “Atlantis” by Seafret delves into the intricacies of a relationship that, despite its foundation and efforts, is destined to collapse. The metaphor of “Atlantis” serves as a representation of something beautiful and...


“Oceans” by Seafret

The sentiments behind “Oceans” were inspired by the Seafret boys moving away from their hometown of Bridlington and down south to London, which is pretty far away. Of course in the process, they left certain loved...