“Oceans” by Seafret

The sentiments behind “Oceans” were inspired by the Seafret boys moving away from their hometown of Bridlington and down south to London, which is pretty far away. Of course in the process, they left certain loved ones behind. And that would be one of the reasons why the vocalist is saying to the addressee that it ‘feels like there’s oceans between them’. 

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In other words, they aren’t literally separated by an ocean. But the distance between the two of them is significant nonetheless.

But of course, within the grand scheme of this narrative, that assertion is pretty much symbolic anyway. That is to say that at the end of the day, the physical space between the singer and addressee is more or less insignificant. More to the point, as inferred by the lyrics, would be the notion that there is some type of discontent, disagreement and/or even fear that is keeping them apart. 

Also, even though this song isn’t specifically romantic, the general feel of the piece is that it would be more applicable in a romance than any other type of close relationship. So at the end of the day, Jack and Harry missing their friends and family came out in a romantic context as a song centered on a vocalist who is having some type of difficulty relating with the apple of his eye.

Lyrics of Seafret's "Oceans"

Seafret talks about “Oceans”

According to Seafret, this song was birthed shortly after they relocated to London. It was inspired by the fact that in migrating, they had sadly been separated from their loved ones.

What Seafret said of "Oceans"

More Facts

Seafret are a couple of artists from England. Jack Sedman is the singer. Harry Draper is the pair’s guitarist. The duo’s discography dates back to their 2014 EP “Give Me Something”. 

“Oceans” originally came out as part of an EP itself which is entitled Oceans on 21 January 2015, being done so by Sweet Jane Records. And it was also featured on Seafret’s maiden studio album, which was issued a year later, entitled “Tell Me It’s Real”.

The superhero-inspired music video to this track, which was directed by Jonathan Entwistle, starred a 17 year old Maisie Williams while the actress was concurrently co-starring on the ultra-popular HBO series Games of Thrones.

Sedman and Draper co-wrote this song with the track’s producer, Roy Stride.

Seafret did get around to releasing a second studio album, Most of Us Are Strangers, in 2020. However, by the looks of things, they still have yet to replicate the success of some of their earlier tunes like “Oceans”.


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