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Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Born Thomas MacDonald, he is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and former professional wrestler. Popularly known as Tom MacDonald, he was a professional wrestler in his teens under the ring name, Allstar. By age...

Dear Slim

“Dear Slim” by Tom MacDonald

Undoubtedly, we have compared Tom McDonald to Eminem in the past. And on this track (“Dear Slim”), Tom is doing the same thing, basically presenting himself as the modern incarnation of Slim Shady. No, he may...

Clown World

Tom MacDonald’s “Clown World” Lyrics Meaning

“Clown World” is the title of a song released by noted Canadian rapper and songwriter Tom MacDonald. Now stateside, Tom has been perhaps the most controversially-vocal artist as far as an equally-controversial year, 2020,...