Tom MacDonald

Born Thomas MacDonald, he is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and former professional wrestler. Popularly known as Tom MacDonald, he was a professional wrestler in his teens under the ring name, Allstar.

By age 17, he had battled in many wrestling competitions across Canada. He wrestled in some WWE pay-per-view shows and appeared on a popular weekly wrestling show in Alberta. According to his longtime fans, he had a very successful start wrestling, and could have become one of the best wrestlers had he pursued the career fully. However, Tom had a stronger passion for a music career and chose to do music full time.


He gained many recognitions in the music industry after he released his single titled, Whiteboy, in February 2018. The song was about the sensitive issue of race in America. He explained his perspective of the subject on the song; this sparked many controversies about him and ultimately made him and his song popular.

Straight White Male

In May 2019, he released another controversial song called, Straight White Male. The song was written about his belief that straight white men were portrayed as evil and threatening by the majority of society. The song was criticized by many people. He received a bit of backlash and many negative reviews on the internet from people who disagreed with the song.

Cloned Rappers

In September 2018, he released another song to talk about the Illuminati and the conspiracy theory about them cloning rappers and murdering the original rappers. The song was titled Cloned Rappers.

Fake Woke

In January 2021, his hit single, Fake Woke, debuted at number one on Billboard’s All-genre Digital Song sales chart. By 2020, he had released more than five albums and thirty singles. He has earned millions of views for most of his music videos on Youtube, making him popular on the network.

More Facts about Tom MacDonald

He has received a notable number of awards and nominations in his music career. He was nominated for the prestigious Leo Award. This was for the large popularity his music gained nationally and globally.

In 2013/2014, he had two major musical tours in many European countries with many artists including Kool Keith and Onyx. He also performed as a supporting artist for Madchild, Swollen Members, and Major Lazer.

He has a gangster look, with his face and body inked with tattoos, many piercings on his body, and an unusual dread hairstyle on his head. However, his music and values do not reflect his appearance. He is known for his lyrical prowess and his ability to disintegrate sensitive and negative issues in society.

Tom has clearly expressed in songs, his hatred for some vices such as drug addiction, racism, and gender discrimination. He always advocates for the termination of these vices in society.

He posted on his Facebook page that Eminem had the biggest influence on his music career. Tom also claimed that he took a lot of inspiration from him and that he was the reason why he started to rap. He considers Eminem as the greatest rapper in history.

Popular Tom MacDonald Songs

Below are some of the most notable songs released by Tom:

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