“Celebrity” by IU

The addressee of “Celebrity” is actually an unnamed friend of the songstress. Said individual is someone who receives a lot of flak from others due to her unique, out-of-the-ordinary stylistic leanings. But despite such, this is someone whom IU clearly admires. Indeed she is touting this person as her own personal “celebrity”, i.e. a person who she thinks is mega-cool and inspirational in her uniqueness. Moreover she notices that her friend’s self-esteem is negatively affected by the way people treat her. So on top of biggin’ her up, she is also encouraging the addressee to value herself and to remain optimistic.

This song was written by IU, a K-pop soloist who has been in the game since her youth. And “Celebrity” is the lead single from her fifth album.

As of the release date of the track, on 27 January 2021 via EDAM Entertainment, said album has yet to be named. And just to note, the song itself blew up in South Korea instantly upon being released.

More about IU

IU (birth name Lee Ji-eun) is a long-tenured singer in the K-pop industry. That is to say that she dropped her first EP, Lost and Found (2008), when she was only 15 years old. And since then her popularity has only increased. For instance, her fourth-studio album, Palette (2017), not only scored a number one on the Gaon Album Chart (South Korea) but also did so on Billboard’s World Albums chart. Her fame and overall talent has also granted IU the opportunity to venture into the acting field. And since 2010, she has been able to put together quite a notable filmography in addition to her discography.

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