“My Time” by BTS

‘My Time’ is a personal rendition of a singer’s journey from obscurity to fame. It mainly showcases BTS star Jungkook reflecting on his success. The song sequence is a worthy tribute to what BTS have been able to achieve since their debut. Shots of backstage goings-on, stage performances, and fans celebrating, characterize much of the main music video. Jungkook’s voice is definitely the highlight of this. His smooth and fluid vocals are the main driver of this piece.

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‘My Time’ is another great addition to an already impressive plethora of hits. It represents the hopes and gratitude of the most popular Korean boyband in the world. This will surely please fans and casual listeners alike.  

‘My Time’ was released by BTS in February of 2020. It is the ninth track from their fourth album. And said project is entitled Map of the Soul:7. 

‘My Time’ was sung by Jungkook. Upon its release, it became the most loved song globally. Jungkook’s voice received much acclaim. Many praised his versatility and range. Jungkook also gained much applause from many R&B lovers.

This BTS hit went on to become the highest selling solo song in the United States after its release. It also entered the Global Top 50 on Spotify.  It has continued to maintain that position throughout 2020.

In Conclusion

‘My Time’ offers a wonderful treat for BTS fans around the globe. It provides a great reflection of the traits that help BTS have such widespread appeal.  

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  1. hannah maire emard says:

    I love BTS so much I love they songs so much In my head and mind help I am hard life right now life for me BTS help me your songs that make me who I am

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