“Change the World” by Eric Clapton

“Change the World” finds Eric Clapton wishing that he had some sort of supernatural power to make certain changes in the world. The reason for his wish is simple; to prove his undying love for the woman he loves.

As the song begins, he talks about how he wishes he could pull down a star, shine it on his heart so his love interest can clearly see how much he adores her. In the chorus, Clapton further expresses that if he had such power to transform the world, he would become sunlight to her, providing her with brightness, hope and good love. With this same power, the writer wishes that if he was a king, he would make his woman the queen. His main point is that he would hold this lady in high esteem and make her feel so loved if he had extreme power to do so.

Did Eric Clapton write “Change the World”?

No. This classic was actually penned by the following:

  • Gordon Kennedy
  • Wayne Kirkpatrick
  • Tommy Sims

Facts about “Change the World”

This tune first came out on July 5, 1996 as the soundtrack for the movie Phenomenon. It was subsequently included on Clapton’s 1999 album Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton.

This Clapton classic was written over the course of one year and first recorded in 1996 by Wyonna Judd. However, it was Clapton’s version, recorded as a duet with Babyface that same year that became a hit.

Clapton performed it at the 1997 Grammys with Babyface. He went on to win multiple Grammys that same night, including one for Song of the Year.

For the music video, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani provided Clapton with glasses, clothing and shoes.

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