“This Has Gotta Stop” by Eric Clapton

Most simply put, what Eric Clapton is singing about is being oppressed, and the addressee would be his oppressor. He does not go as far as to identify who or what said addressee is.  But it is very much possible who he is speaking out against is the government. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Eric Clapton's This Has Gotta Stop at Lyrics.org.

And what this song is premised on is what many feel is the unconstitutional authority the government welded during the coronavirus crisis. And we can safely make such an assumption not only based on the wording of the song but also the stance that Clapton took on another single, Stand and Deliver (2020), he released a few months back.

So with that in mind, when he refers to the addressee trying to ‘claim his soul’, we know that he doesn’t likely mean that in a religious sense. Rather he’s speaking more to the concept of his personal freedoms and liberties being eroded, which is a no-no considering that Eric is “used to being free”. 

So the reason why Eric would be ‘thinking of his kids’ in all of this is because he’s worried about a future in which, taking the above into consideration, based on the current trajectory of things the government will be even bigger bullies, if you will, than they are now. And of course what he is saying conclusively on the matter is that “this has got to stop”.

The Long and Short of “This Has Gotta Stop”

So this song which is very similar to Stand and Deliver in disposition though not as direct. And this time around Eric Clapton, being an elder statesman in the game, is not instructing fellow citizens. 

Rather, it’s the government he’s telling to chill out, that “enough is enough” – they’ve already wrecked enough of their own fair share of havoc during the pandemic. 

So if govvie intends to take away more of his freedoms than they already have, then they would “have to come and break down (his) door” to do so, as he perceives something more sinister transpiring in the grand scheme of things and therefore is not going along with the flow.

Lyrics to Eric Clapton's "This Has Gotta Stop"


All in all, Eric Clapton appears to be speaking out against how the bad policies of government have eroded freedoms and liberties amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facts about “This Has Gotta Stop”

The release date of this track was on 27 August 2021.

“This Has Gotta Stop” is a song which Eric Clapton wrote in addition to serving as vocalist and guitarist, and the producer of the track is Simon Climie. And it was put out by two labels, Bushbranch in collaboration with Surfdog Records.

The music video to this song is an animated affair. And it was reportedly directed by Dave Kaplan alongside another entity called Machine That Eats.

As alluded to earlier, Eric Clapton has been a successful mainstream musician for some time, first jumping on the scene back in the early-1960s. And as of the release of this track, he is a solid 76 years old.

This Has Gotta Stop

15 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay! Thank you! We’re with you, Eric!

  2. big Bob says:

    good song, very good. way to go Eric!

  3. Notonmywatch says:

    This has got to stop!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had my Covid shots and I’m glad. I don’t feel at all oppressed. I feel like our government is doing like a lot of other governments in the world; trying to protect their citizens from a deadly virus.

    • Anonymous says:

      This isn’t just about the vaccine. In fact, I would say it’s definitely more about the mandates and shutdowns.

  5. Oracle says:

    Classic first world whining. Screw the public. I don’t want the government telling me what to do. So I run red lights, Park in handicapped spaces, drive in whatever lane I want.

    Thanks Eric for showing us that you have no civic responsibility. Just another example of the “me first” generation. Now they have an anthem.

    • Liberty and Freedom Warrior says:

      OMG! You uneducated, ignorant, pathetic POS! Where is EC saying a THING about “me first” You do understand the idea of civil rights constitutionally guaranteed. Government mandates and intervention in our health choices and personal legal choices is oppressive at a bare minimum and actually completely unlawful. But you keep drinking the Kool-aid if that makes you feel better. How someone can be against the lyrics or video is beyond me. Keep your hate to yourself though otherwise you are just a hate spewing sheeple and that’s what they want. Congratulations for falling into their plan. Wake up or shut up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Choose to get your vaccine Mr. Sheep and allow me my choice as well. Unfortunately we do need followers…..so you go that going for you…..idiot.

  6. Ingrid says:

    He also got vaxxed two times and got severe problems with his hands. He sings :”Can’t move my hands, break down in sweat”, refers to his experience after the second vaccination. That opened his eyes. He explained this in an interview dated June 2021: https://www.nme.com/news/music/eric-clapton-discusses-his-anti-vaccination-stance-my-greatest-fear-is-what-will-happen-to-my-kids-2969141

  7. Diane says:

    Eric you are my hero!!!!!!
    You have given me light at the end of the tunnel
    Yes World we need to wake up
    You are not the only one left with very bad side effects
    Loved ones need to be told the truth.
    May love and wellness go with you and them
    From a 68 year young nanny who has kept well and managed to stay jabbed free. My family loves me and we are United.

  8. Not Hendrix says:

    Eric Clapton sings anthem about First World Problems… Well, he lost me when he started playing reggae… Stood outside a huge stadium in the summer of ’74 because I heard he was in town. As a college student, I couldn’t afford a ticket so listened to him in the parking lot for about 15 minutes. Then walked back to my dorm room. Damned glad I didn’t pay to listen…

  9. Nelon says:

    Of course this is your opinion, as you state in your article, and it could very be oppression. I feel that it’s a form of oppression filled with manipulation. We’ve entered a half-truth world where opinions from people of power are running rampant. It doesn’t matter the side your talking about. It’s all marketing without the full truth which causes oppression.

  10. GrownUpInTheRoom says:

    We all have things we’re good at and things we’re not. EC’s gifts do not include social commentary – never have.

  11. JA Davis says:

    Eric Clapton, you are NOT my hero, as a matter of fact, I’ve always thought you were a bit light on the intellectual size. People idolize you, they listen to you, they are your fans. That’s fine you don’t believe in the vaccines ~ I hope you and your little family and all your adoring fans don’t come NEAR the hospital emergency room I work at when you come down with the virus. If I saw your face, holding one of your children, I would look at you and say LEAVE THIS HOSPITAL AND FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF! Better yet, move back to England!
    You’re not going to kill me.

  12. Lorraine Feola says:

    Yes Eric, This has got to stop, not so much for our lives…..we’re at the end of the rainbow, but for our children, grandchildren, etc……I am 100% behind you…..the truth of these “vaccines” (which really are not vaccines) is coming out…..thank you for this song……

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