“Cody” by The Killers

This song centers on an individual named “Cody” who is a composite of the bad boys during the ‘hood Brandon Flowers’ youth. Most generally explained, Cody is presented as a troublemaker who doesn’t follow the rules set before him. 

This includes the boy being very anti-religious, with Brandon, to note, having grown up in a very religious environment. In fact it is this aspect of Cody’s personality that takes center stage in the chorus. 

Indeed as set in the intro, the tone of this song is very religious in and of itself. And in a way, it can be said that The Killers are using the opportunity of singing about him to also depict the line of thinking of those who do not believe in a ‘higher power’ generally possess.

And as for Cody himself, being “a different type of kid” and all, it’s as if his natural disposition is just to make mischief. Furthermore whereas his actions of course worries some individuals, at times the fruits of his exploits benefited the gang at large, such as affording the crew the opportunity to get drunk via booze that was boosted by Cody.

So by the time all is said and done, The Killers are using the case of “Cody” to express this idea of “waiting for the miracle”. Or put differently, it seems as if they’re saying that some people really need to see before they can believe.

Lyrics of The Killers' "Cody"
The Killers' Flowers explains "Cody"

Facts about “Cody”

“Cody” is the fourth track on the playlist of “Pressure Machine”, The Killers’ studio album that came out on the date of 13 August 2021.

This track was written by Brandon Flowers and Jonathan Rado. It should be noted that these two musicians wrote most of the songs on “Pressure Machine”. But in this case they were also joined by Flowers’ bandmate Ronnie Vannucci Jr., who primarily serves as The Killers’ drummer.

Jonathan Rado also acted as the producer of “Cody”, alongside Shawn Everett.

This song is a product of Island Records, i.e. the label The Killers signed to almost two decades ago and who have thus far been responsible for putting out their entire discography.


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