“Come Back” by Mustafa & James Blake

The listener may notice that Mustafa and James Blake’s “Come Back” is very-poetic lyrically. But ultimately, the metaphors used throughout point to the idea of the vocalist missing a departed friend. More specifically, that individual would be an artist by the name of Smoke Dawg who was murdered in 2018. This was a person who played an important role in Mustafa’s life. So with that in mind, the main idea he is putting forth throughout is that he greatly misses this person.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Mustafa's Come Back at Lyrics.org.

Summary: This is a mourning song, i.e. expressing the singer’s desire to be visited by someone who has in fact passed away.

The music video to this track was directed by an artist known as Nabil. It features Mustafa and Blake performing the song live.

The track itself was written by Mustafa alongside James Blake, who can now be considered his regular collaborator.

“Come Back” was released on 30 June 2020, which is two years to the day on which Smoke Dawg, a fellow (to Mustafa) Toronto-based artist, passed at the age of 21.

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