Meaning of “Fire The Editor” by James Blake

James Blake has explained that the editor in this case (“Fire the Editor”) would be one’s self, thus making this song akin to a soliloquy. And the message behind the track is that we should not go about editing ourselves. In other words, according to its singer this song is meant to be an exercise against “self-censorship”. 

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So in the bridge, when the vocalist alludes to confronting an enemy, that would be someone who he feels he didn’t fully and rightfully speak his mind to in the past. And as implied by the chorus, this disposition is based on James having concluded that he’s sorta cheating himself by being submissive or complaint.

“Oh, I’m not afraid
(Not afraid)
I’ve already failed so many times
You’re the only one on my side
Counting myself
I’ve already failed so many times”

James Blake wrote “Fire the Editor” with Rob McAndrews, and both of them produced it alongside Jameela Jamil.

“Fire the Editor” is one of the songs to be found on James Blake’s sixth-studio album, “Playing Robots Into Heaven”, which was made public via Polydor and Republic on 8 September 2023.

Fire The Editor

Is it a wise idea to not go about editing ourselves?

Choosing not to engage in self-censorship can be both liberating and risky. Speaking freely allows for authentic expression and can foster deeper connections with others. However, it might also lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or unintended consequences. In various settings, like professional environments, a certain level of self-censorship is expected and necessary. Thus, while avoiding self-censorship can sometimes be beneficial, employing tact and considering the potential impact of one’s words is generally wise. It’s a balance between being open and maintaining respectful boundaries.

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