“Tell Me” by James Blake

James Blake’s “Tell Me” possesses a certain degree of ambiguity. But the lyrics (of the chorus) read as if this may be a situation where James is addressing his significant other. Or what he appears to be looking for from her is some type of assurance that they should perpetuate their relationship. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for James Blake's Tell Me at Lyrics.org.

Or let’s say that somehow, the general sense of depression the vocalist is suffering from is tied into his (seemingly romantic) relationship with the person he’s singing. And once again going back to the chorus, it may be that she specifically is debating whether or not to stick around, and Blake is basically leaving the onus of making that decision on her.

“Tell me if it’s worth waking up for
When there are so many reasons to lie
Tell me when it’s darker than nightfall
Tell me when you’re all done
Give me some advice for the morning
Heaven knows I’m feeling torn
Tell me, is it worth fighting love for?
Tell me when you’re all done
Or, or
Tell me that you love me over and over and over”

“Playing Robots into Heaven”, i.e. James Blake’s sixth-studio album, was released 7 September 2023.  And this track came out the day prior, via Polydor and Republic, as the project’s third single.

James Blake wrote and produced “Tell Me” on his own.

Tell Me

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