“Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” by Fall Out Boy (ft. Wyclef Jean)

In terms of content Fall Out Boy’s “Dear Future Self” is definitely an unorthodox tune. First and foremost it is a dance song, with Wyclef Jean fulfilling his role of giving it that kinda vibe. And while Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump starts off along a similar vein, the lyrics quickly, albeit briefly, transform into somewhat of a tirade against the shiftiness of the masses and the powers-that-be, complete which references to Jesus and the singer’s belief that his phone is being tapped.

Then the second verse is about Stump getting a surprise visit from a hot female. He concludes this section with the song’s only actual reference to his “future self” whom, as the title implies, he wants to send a message to. And that message, which the singer has composed while “drunk on cheap whiskey in an airport hotel”, is simply “I hope it’s going well”.

So it seems like Fall Out Boy and Wyclef have tried to suit two, perhaps even three, different audiences via this track. It is once again a dance song which celebrates its own sound, i.e. “the boom boom”, in an effort to also get the listener caught up in the feeling. But at the same time it deals with some very-serious issues. And some of these critical issues include government repression and the ideological unreliability of the masses. Moreover, the nature of the title itself would imply that this is serious track. However, for the most part it was obviously intended to be more pleasure-oriented.

Lyrics of "Dear Future Self"

First Fall Out Boy collabo with Wyclef

“Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” is the first collaboration between Fall Out Boy and Wyclef Jean.

Release Date of “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)”

This song was released by DCD2 along with Island Records on 10 September 2019. It serves as the lead single from Fall Out Boy’s 2019 compilation album which they titled “Greatest Hits: Believer’s Never Die – Part Two”.

The song was intentionally released on the same day as Weezer’s single “The End of the Game” and Green Day’s single “Father of All…”. And why? They did so to celebrate the official announcement that all three bands will be going on tour together throughout 2020.

Creation Credits

Wyclef Jean served as a producer on this track, in addition to the following:

  • Suzy Shinn
  • Jens Siverstedt
  • Patrick Stump

Siverstedt, Wyclef and Stump are also given writing credits for this song. Others with writing credits include:

  • Noonie Bao
  • Jonas Wallin
  • The other members of Fall Out Boy (Hurley, Trohman and Wentz)

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