“Do You Miss Me?” by PinkPantheress

Fully appreciating the featured storyline in “Do You Miss Me?” requires some dot connecting and a bit of imagination on the part of the listener. And what it reads like, comprehensively, is the vocalist feeling as if she were or even is in an edifying romance. But that was until she came across solid evidence that the addressee is cheating. 

So now with the thesis sentiment centering on questioning whether or not he misses PinkPantheress, the implication is that she dumped him as a result.

But what’s being put forth isn’t really that simple. The way the vocalist toys with verb tenses, if you will, makes it a bit challenging to specifically deduce what’s going on here. For instance, the bridge reads as if she and the addressee are still together and that part of PinkPantheress’s strategy was to scare the other woman away. 

So one way of interpreting the vocalist’s response is along the lines of her proceeding to fully co-kblock her sweetheart. Put simply, she is going to deny him full access to her love while simultaneously frightening the next chick he’s developed a romance with.

But to reiterate, it isn’t as if the narrator is enjoying the situation. Yes, she may find some type of, shall we vengeful satisfaction in seemingly acknowledging that the addressee is suffering in her absence. But it’s also quite obvious that she wishes none of this had ever transpired, i.e. him apparently cheating on her.

PinkPantheress, "Do You Miss Me?" Lyrics


PinkPantheress is a musician from London. During the onset of the 2020s, she carved a notable career out for herself via social media. Her TikTok and SoundCloud efforts ultimately resulted in the songstress signing contracts with a couple of major labels, including Parlophone. 

In 2022, she became even bigger and began collaborating with more-popular international artists. For example, she collaborated with Willow Smith on the 2022 single “Where You Are“.

Release of “Do You Miss Me?”

On November 15, 2022, PinkPantheress officially dropped “Do You Miss Me?” as a single.

Within just a matter of 48 hours of being uploaded on YouTube, the song’s lyric video garnered almost 100,000 views.

“Do You Miss Me?” is the fourth single PinkPantheress released in 2022.


PinkPantheress has a credit on this song as one of its two writers. The other co-writer is American rapper, Baby Keem. The reason Keem receives credit as a co-writer is because the song interpolates a track he dropped earlier in 2020 called “Killstreaks”. FYI, PinkPantheress was a featured artist on that song.  

The producers of this track are Kaytranada and Dill Aitchison.

Do You Miss Me?

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