“Durag Activity” by Baby Keem and Travis Scott

A durag is a type of large handkerchief, if you will, that Black men in particular may tie around their heads, sealing their hair within, in the name of altering it, i.e. in an attempt to achieve Jheri churls or what have you. They were sort of a hip-hop staple back in the day but not so much during the 21st century. 

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That said, it’s not abundantly clear why Baby Keem has decided to name this track so. Maybe durags have some other usage or symbolism we’re not aware of. But going out on a limb, well, when you have those chemicals in your hair, trying to make it curl a certain way, at times they may let off an unpleasant smell. And likewise in the chorus, we have Keem referring to the addressee as a ‘big stench in his life’.

Now based on the rest of the song, said addressee(s) would be associates of his and Travis who they find to be less than ideal. They use a lot of, shall we say unisexual language in this song, i.e. describing said males and even, in the case of Keem, seemingly himself (in the first verse) using female characteristics. 

But the third verse is of a different nature, primarily focusing on, as is more of the standard of The Melodic Blue, Keem’s sexual relationship with some unidentified chick.

What is sort of interesting is that both Keem and Travis Scott utilize the termed “triple six”, i.e. referencing the Mark of the Beast – as said number is known in religious circles. However, unlike some other rappers they are not advocating it. Instead what they are putting forth is an idea like not associating with those who do.

Lyrics to "Durag Activity" by Baby Keem

“Durag Activity” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Baby Keem and Travis Scott
Album/EP: “The Melodic Blue”
Release: April 30 of 2021
Writing: Keem, Scott and SuperDuperBrick wrote the song
Production: It was produced by SuperDuperBrick

Was “Durag Activity” a single release?

Yes. It was released as one of the four singles from Keem’s “The Melodic Blue” album.

What Genre(s) is “Durag Activity”?

This song falls directly into the mumble rap category/genre of music.

Chart Performance

“Durag Activity” peaked at the following positions in the countries below:

  • New Zealand – 6
  • UK – 96
  • US – 85
  • Canada – 53
Durag Activity

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