“Dysfunctional” by KAYTRANADA (Ft. VanJess)

As the title implies, the song “Dysfunctional” is based on a deteriorating relationship and more specifically a “dysfunctional” partner. Here, the singers are fed up with the baffling and overall negative actions of their significant other, to the point of writing a hot dance song about it.

The song begins with the singers calling out, indeed “screaming” to get this person’s attention, upon which the individual is not responding. As such, in the first verse they express an outright lack of desire to “play… games”. Moreover in the pre-choruses and second verse, it would appear that not only is this person argumentative but also has something tantamount to a split personality. In other words, at certain times, he or she is nice and at other junctures confrontational. 

Owing to this, the singers have decided to just keep cool when there is “too much drama”. In fact they acknowledge that such a partner is more than they can “handle”.  However, the desire does not seem to be to terminate the relationship. Rather it is that this person “would just be kind”.

As such, the ultimate conclusion is that this romance, partner and themselves as a unit are “dysfunctional”. The singers are “tired” of waiting for this person to change his or her detrimental ways, insinuating that the relationship may indeed be coming to an end.


Quick Facts about “Dysfunctional”

  • Kaytranada and VanJess worked together to write “Dysfunctional”. However, Kaytranada handled the whole production alone.
  • “Dysfunctional” officially came out on April 10, 2019.
  • It is a single from Kaytranada’s 2019 project also titled Dysfunctional.

Is this Kaytranada’s first collaboration with VanJess?

“Dysfunctional” is the first known collaboration between VanJess and Kaytranada.

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