“Don’t Give Up On Me” by Andy Grammer

Even though the title (“Don’t Give Up On Me”) may insinuate otherwise, the primary sentiment expressed in this song is not one where the singer is asking for support, even though he does conclude the chorus on such a note. Rather he is mainly stating his undying willingness to be there for someone else, specifically his ‘lover’. This includes his resolve to remain present no matter what she may be going through, including “waiting for” her for an unspecified period of time, which is actually symbolic of exercising patience regardless of the challenges she may face. Indeed even when he is ‘down to his last breath’, he intends to be there for her.

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So as an act of reciprocation, he is asking that she also “not give up” on him. Thus it reads as if he is touting his undying commitment to her to rationalize her showing him the same in return.

So once again, the majority of the lyrics on this song are not centered on the singer requesting his lover’s everlasting support per se. Or if they are, as the title insinuates, then he goes about doing so in a roundabout fashion by rather focusing on his endless love for her.

Lyrics of "Don't Give Up On Me"

What Andy Grammer has said about “Don’t Give Up On Me”

Andy Grammer stated that his inspiration for penning this song is that he loves writing songs whose theme center on “sticking with someone through the hard stuff”.

Release Date of “Don’t Give Up On Me”

This song was teased, if you will, when it was featured on the trailer of the romantic drama movie titled Five Feet Apart back in January of 2019.

On 13 February, 2019, S-Curve Records released “Don’t Give Up on Me” as the lead single from the album Naïve. Naïve is Andy Grammer’s fourth full-length album.

A theme song for Five Feet Apart

“Don’t Give Up On Me” serves as the theme song for the aforementioned movie. And Andy Grammer (along with his songwriting partners) reportedly wrote the song based on the movie’s plot.

“Five Feet Apart” is based on a romance between two teens with cystic fibrosis. And accordingly, part of the proceeds from “Don’t Give Up on Me” will be donated to Claire’s Place Foundation. This foundation is an NGO which caters specifically to children with this disease.

Interestingly enough, Five Feet Apart was directed by American actor and filmmaker Justin Baldoni, a former roommate of Andy Grammar’s. 

Writing Credits for “Don’t Give Up On Me”

In addition to Grammer, the following also contributed to writing of this song:

  • Sam Farrar
  • Jake Torrey
  • Bram Inscore (who also produced the song)

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  1. Abbie Long says:

    #cole sprose

  2. Anonymous says:

    He wrote the song before the movie .. the director call him and asked to use the song.

  3. Cindy says:

    I love the meaning of this song because it taps into the heart of every soul – no one in the world has it perfect and everyone needs someone to stick with them through all the hard times in life – this is a great piece of music –

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