“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is very allegorical, indeed even poetic, in its approach. But the sentiments being put forth are the types which music fans, as well as people who are experienced in romance, are quite familiar with.

Basically, the singer is in a relationship with a man whom she depicts like he wants to go out and sow his wild oats. Also, he is apparently under the impression that he will in fact have access to women. And just to note, the popular understanding of the background of this tune is that for the most part Stevie Nicks wrote it about her romance with bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. More importantly, they were breaking up after being together for almost a decade. And yes, we would have to presume that a pop music star of Lindsey’s caliber did have access to different women, if he so chose to live such a life.

But as far as the singer’s take on the matter, she is convinced that as time progresses he will come to realize that she is the one who truly cares for him. Indeed that’s the idea which the title of this song, as used in the second verse, metaphorically alludes to.  However, this is not to imply that she is pleading with him to come back. Rather she is confident that eventually he’ll come to realize, after the fun is over, that he destroyed his relationship with the good woman he once had.

Release Date of “Dreams”

This track was originally released by Warner Bros. Records on 4th February 1977. This track is featured on Fleetwood Mac’s 11th studio album, which is entitled “Rumours”. It was actually the second single birthed by “Rumours”.

A Major Hit

And it was a significant hit. For instance, it topped both the Billboard Hot 100 and Canada Top Singles, in addition to charting in a handful of other nations. This classic holds a notable place in the band’s history because it is the only Fleetwood Mac track to top the Hot 100. 

“Dreams” goes Viral in 2020

In late-2020, over 43 years after it originally came out, the song re-hit due to going viral on TikTok. This was due to the efforts of a regular user of the platform named Nathan Apodaca who lip synced to it. And as a result of the clip’s popularity, his fame has also risen significantly, with Nathan becoming a celebrity in his own regard. 

And even some of the members of Fleetwood Mac got in on the internet craze surrounding the song. Stevie Nicks herself later said that the whole experience ‘blew her mind’ as it brought her even more success. But how it really benefited Fleetwood Mac is by once again re-charting, this time around in a dozen countries, in addition to selling millions of digital copies.

Writing and Production of “Dreams”

This is another hit track which Stevie Nicks claims she wrote “in about 10 minutes”. And she did so in a unique studio which, as the story goes, was owned by another famous 1970s singer, Sly Stone.

The entire Fleetwood Mac crew produced “Dreams”. The band was supported in the production department by Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut.

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