Fleetwood Mac’s “Sara” Lyrics Meaning

Fleetwood Mac’s “Sara” is a song that has a very distinct history which is founded in both facts and speculations. In other words, it is generally understood that the lyrics of this track are based on what its writer, Stevie Nicks, was going through at the time. That is to say that for all intents and purposes “Sara” is in fact Stevie Nicks, as in this song being autobiographical in nature. But there was so many noteworthy going-ons with her in the late 1970s that varying explanations have been offered concerning which aspects of her life she is talking about specifically. 

Inspirations behind “Sara”

There are two incidences in particular which are said to be at the center of “Sara”.

First is that there was some sort of love triangle going on at the time between Stevie Nicks, her bandmate Mick Fleetwood and her best friend Sara Recor.  More specifically, whereas Mick was dating Stevie at first, he later went on to date (and eventually marry) Sara. And according to Mick, doing so ended his romantic relationship with Stevie. So part of the lyrics of this song are said to allude to Stevie and Mick’s romance. Indeed Nicks once stated herself that this song is “pretty much about Mick”. And in that regard, we can see that the featured relationship did not actually last.

Secondly is that some of the lyrics of this track are supposed to be allusions to the fact that Stevie Nicks had aborted a child shortly before this song was released. And this unborn child she had never given birth to she had actually named “Sara”. We know this because the man who impregnated her, Don Henley of the Eagles, made this personal information public in 1991. And Stevie herself went on to confirm that if she “had… married Don and had that baby”, she would have in fact “named her Sara”. Moreover all of this is on top of the fact that she has also stated that this song is not only about what was going on in her life at the time but also what was going down with the entirety of Fleetwood Mac concurrently.

Actual Meaning of the lyrics of “Sara”

So trying the ascertain the specific origins and meanings behind the lyrics of this song is like trying to dive into the mind of Stevie Nicks itself. But generally speaking, those two aforementioned storylines seem to be what “Sara” is primarily based on. Indeed it is easy to ascertain, even without any prior foreknowledge about the writer, that this track is at least partially based on romantic disappointment. But somewhere interwoven within her sadness is also apparently the tale of an unborn child. And interestingly enough, the unborn-child aspect has nothing to do with the romantic side, as in the relationship which produced the child and one being spoken of in the song are actually two different affairs.

So now would be a good time to note that “Sara” was originally 16 minutes in length. And perhaps in the process of being condensed, its storyline became more convoluted. For at the end of the day, there are actually three Saras if you will – the singer, the singer’s best friend and the singer’s unborn child.  But the story featured on this track was clearly discernible enough by its audience to rationalize it becoming a hit nonetheless.

Lyrics of "Sara"

Facts about “Sara”

“Sara” was written by Fleetwood Mac’s own Stevie Nicks. And the track was produced by the entire band working alongside Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut.

This song came out on 5 December 1979 as the second single from the band’s double album “Tusk”. And the label behind it is Warner Bros. Records.

“Sara” broke the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. It also made it onto the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart and charted in 10 countries altogether.

Stevie Nicks was actually sued, as another writer alleged that she not only wrote a similar song entitled “Sara” but had also submitted it to Warner Bros. Records. However, at the end of the day Nicks was able to prove that she did in fact write this song herself.

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    I love you Stevie and Fleetwood Mac, you are are my first love, always and forever, you speak to me in ways the world can’t imagine

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    Simple Wonderful

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    My sister Tibby died at Christmas and this was her favorite song

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    I planned and named my last baby girl “Sarah” because the woman I fell deeply in love with (and thought loved me) both love the song. Our marriage ended as a result of her constant infidelity. Sarah, now 18 yrs of age remains gorgeous, healthy and, incredibly intelligent.

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    Love you. You are the soundtrack of my life🐺

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    I always has the clear idea that transcendental pieces of art no matters what field has an origin, that impregnates the performance of it. Great song

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