Fleetwood Mac’s “Second Hand News” Lyrics Meaning

Fleetwood Mac is a band that has had its fair share of internal issues throughout the years. Perhaps that is true for all big-time music groups, but the possibility for major discontent is increased exponentially when, as in the case of Fleetwood Mac, there are romances going on between bandmates. For instance, John and Christine McVie divorced right around the time Fleetwood Mac started to really blow up, i.e. in the era in which “Second Hand News” was dropped. 

Concurrently Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks also were engaged in what Wikipedia describes as a tumultuous “on/off relationship”. That is the romance that this song is generally considered to be based on although, taking into consideration that Mick Fleetwood was also breaking up with his first wife at the time, it can be said that all three of these troubled relationships have influenced this piece.

The Lyrics of “Second Hand News”

Either way, the vocalist is taking what perhaps we can call a somewhat mature approach to the matter at hand, i.e. addressing his ex. The sentiments expressed do not center on him begging her to come back or anything like that. In fact he seems pretty convinced, via the experience of their romance, that the two of them simply weren’t made for each other. And he even goes as far as letting her specifically “know” that he ‘ain’t gonna miss her’.

But as some readers who perhaps have experienced heartbreak can attest to, such lingo sounds a lot like the vocalist is putting up emotional-defense mechanisms. Indeed the title of this song is based on the idea of the singer rather coming to the realization that the addressee isn’t interested in him anymore. 

So what he’s saying reads more like a reaction than a proaction. In fact the thesis sentiment of this piece centers on the vocalist telling the addressee that if she ever wants to hookup for a booty call, he would be more than willing to entertain her in that respect. 

So maybe he isn’t emotionally devastated by this breakup. But simultaneously, it’s as if even Lindsey going as far as to relay this type of message to Stevie indicated that he still had feelings for her.

"Second Hand News" Lyrics

Fleetwood Mac

At the time of the release of this track, Fleetwood Mac consisted of the following:

  • drummer Mick Fleetwood
  • bassist John McVie and his recently-divorced wife, organist Christine McVie
  • backup vocalist Stevie Nicks
  • lead vocalist Lindsey Buckingham

That said, the band’s membership has actually experienced its fair share of fluctuations throughout the years. However, the aforenoted unit, which was extant from the mid-1970s to about the turn of the century, is considered this legendary group’s signature lineup. 

In fact as of the writing of this post Fleetwood, Nicks and the McVies are still part of the project. But as for Buckingham, he parted ways with the group (for a second time) in 2018. His departure was officially explained as the result of irreconcilable creative differences. However, he does appear ever-open to embarking on a reunion tour with the group.

Facts about “Second Hand News”

Fleetwood Mac’s discography dates back to the late-1960s, with the band being especially prolific around that time. As such this track, which was released on 4 February 1977, is actually from their 11th studio album, which is entitled “Rumours“.

The working title of this song, as Lindsey Buckingham was putting it together, was “Strummer”. And according to the author, this piece was influenced by folk songs from Scotland and Ireland.

This track was a notable hit for Fleetwood Mac, achieving silver status in their native United Kingdom. Also to note, Rumours itself proved to be the most-successful album in the band’s extended catalog. Its greatest achievement is perhaps having thus far reached quattuordecuple-platinum status in the United Kingdom. 

And “Second Hand News” plays an important role in the project’s success. And why? This is primarily because it is heralded for most effectively setting the mood of the undertaking.

A further testament to the success of this song is the fact that it has been featured on a couple of Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits’ compilation albums.

One of the instruments used on this track was actually a chair made from a type of fake leather known as Naugahyde.

The label behind “Second Hand News” is Warner Bros. Records.

Second Hand News

Covers and Samples

Since this classic’s release in 1977, it has been widely covered by many artists. Some notable ones include:

  • Julienne Taylor
  • Tonic
  • Mates of State

In 1998, Kid Rock released a song titled “Wasting Time”. The song heavily samples this Fleetwood Mac classic.

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