“Emily I’m Sorry” by boygenius

It has been ascertained that the addressee of “Emily I’m Sorry” would be one Emily Bannon. Emily is an actress who is known as a romantic interest of Phoebe Bridges, the lead vocalist of this track. The way the verses read, in part, is as if she and Emily got into some type of fiery car crash, but obviously such references are allegorical. 

It is the chorus that more overtly establishes the foundation of this piece as being based on a troubled relationship between the vocalist and addressee. As indicated by the title, the key sentiment revolves around Phoebe being apologetic in that regard.

What’s further implied is that Bridgers does in fact love Emily. However, she has personality issues which basically makes her a toxic partner. So concerning the whole car crash motif, all lyrics considered, since Phoebe is the one that’s driving while Bannon is “asleep in the backseat”, such lingo would be indicative of Bridgers committing acts that prove destructive to their relationship. 

Whereas, at the end of the second verse, the vocalist expresses a heartfelt dedication to repentance, concurrently it’s somewhat obvious that she’s not overly confident in her ability to change. So yes she does come off as being genuinely “sorry” that she possesses the tendency to hurt the one she loves.

“Emily, I’m sorry, I just (Emily, I)
Make it up as I go along
And I can feel myself becoming (I can feel)
Someone only you could want”

When was “Emily I’m Sorry” released?

On January 18 of 2023 US supergroup boygenius released “Emily I’m Sorry”. Said track was issued from the collective’s 2023 project, “The Record”. This project happens to be their first studio album.

“Emily I’m Sorry” was released alongside two other singles:

  • “$20”
  • “True Blue”

All three singles share the same date of release.

“Emily I’m Sorry” was produced and authored by the members of the group. To note, the group’s lineup, as of this writing, consists of the following artists:

  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Julien Baker
  • Lucy Dacus
Emily I'm Sorry

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