“True Blue” by boygenius

Based on the third verse especially, it can be speculated that the addressee of “True Blue” is a romantic interest of the singer. But more to the point would apparently be the two parties involved being akin to lifelong friends. 

As implied, the addressee is someone whom the vocalist – which in this case is Lucy Dacus – has a lot of admiration for. And that’s largely due to said individual being someone who is not afraid to go out into the world in the name of achieving self-actualization, so to speak. The addressee, who we’re presuming is a female, is at a stage in life where she’s trying to find herself. And she is presented as being bold enough to make such an effort in earnest, as in not being afraid to go where her spirit leads, if you will.

“True Blue”

Concerning the title, this person is also depicted as being a “true blue” lover, i.e. someone who doesn’t half-step or waver when it comes to being a friend. So overall, the vocalist considers her to be a very bold, and may we say also a forthright individual. In fact she’s so much so that she even causes the narrator to be more open when the two of them are together.

All of that said, it isn’t like this piece is particularly celebratory. For instance, it’s firmly established that the addressee’s free spiriting ways sometimes results in her experiencing emotional pain or discomfort otherwise. 

Moreover, she did something to Lucy which deeply hurt her. But whereas that incident remains fresh in the vocalist’s mind, it isn’t such that she’s contemplating breaking ties with the addressee. Or let’s conclude by saying that if this song is celebrating anything, it would be the singer’s admiration of this friend of hers.

Lyrics of boygenius' "True Blue"

Release of “True Blue”

“True Blue” is one of the singles released from “The Record”, the first studio album of American rock collective, boygenius.  This single has a release date of 18 January 2023.

Emily I’m Sorry” and “$20” are two other songs from “The Record” that were also issued as singles from on the same day as “True Blue”.

Writing and Production

“True Blue” is officially credited as written and produced by the members of boygenius. They are:

  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Lucy Dacus
  • Julien Baker
True Blue

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