Fall Out Boy’s “Bob Dylan” Lyrics Meaning

Although the song “Bob Dylan” is named after a famous musician, it is actually romantic in nature. The singer is addressing his partner. And the way the story reads is as if she is the unappreciative type. Or she doesn’t fully understand how much the singer truly loves. Moreover it is implied that she has something like a conceited, self-important attitude when it comes to their relationship. 

So one of the purposes of this song is call her out, as publicly expose these shortcomings in her character. And the way the legendary Bob Dylan does come into to play is as a personification of how the vocalist wants to be adored. Or put differently, the same way Dylan’s fans “love” him is the same way the singer wants to be loved by his lady. And in the process of transmitting this idea, the narrator also namedrops another iconic musician, Johnny Cash (1932-2003). 

So basically, the singer is in love with a self-centered partner and wants her to change her ways. Or perhaps a simpler way of looking at it is as him being the victim of something akin to an unrequited love. So he wants his sweetheart to change up, most specifically by giving him the love and affection he feels he deserves.

Lyrics of "Bob Dylan"

Facts about “Bob Dylan”

This song was released on 15 November 2019 as part of Fall Out Boys’ “Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume Two”. In fact Island Records included it as one of only two new songs featured on that project.

That means the song is just now getting released in 2019. However, it had existed since “American Beauty / American Psycho” – an album the band dropped back in 2015 – being one of the songs they excluded from the final tracklist.

“Bob Dylan” was written by the members of the Fall Out Boy. The following names are therefor credited as its official writers:

  • Pete Wentz
  • Joe Trohman
  • Patrick Stump
  • Andy Hurley

And the song was produced by a successful producer whom the band had worked with in the past named Jake Sinclair.

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