FELL IN LOVE by Blink-182

Blink-182 gave us a little heart flutter with “FELL IN LOVE,” the fifth single from their studio album “One More Time…” which premiered on the rather spooky date of October 13, 2023.

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This track is a sweet serenade from Tom DeLonge, where he croons about the initial sparks of a relationship, drawing inspiration directly from his own love story and the first meeting with his now-wife.

It’s not just a love note in melody but also a kind of intimate peek into his personal life, which fans are sure to appreciate. Notably, “One More Time…” isn’t just another album in their discography; it signifies Tom DeLonge’s reunion with Blink-182 after a whopping 12-year hiatus.

So, this album isn’t merely a collection of tracks but a celebration of coming back together, making “FELL IN LOVE” all the more special in the context of reunions and rekindled relationships.


The lyrics of this song plunge us into the nostalgic and somewhat bittersweet reminiscence of the early, electrifying days of a romantic relationship. The lyrics narrate the initial encounters, the spontaneous adventures, and the raw, unfiltered emotions that come with falling in love, encapsulating moments that are both sweet and somewhat reckless.

The protagonist reflects on moments of meeting at a party, getting drunk, and those intimate nights that seem to linger in memory, highlighting the spontaneous and carefree nature of young love.

However, there’s an underlying complexity to the emotions expressed, intertwining passion with a kind of chaotic love that’s both exhilarating and potentially heart-wrenching. The catchy, repetitive “Na-na-na” might symbolize a kind of playful denial or a way to linger in the euphoric memories, despite any underlying pain or complexity. The track doesn’t shy away from being explicit and raw, providing a candid snapshot into a relationship that’s as confusing as it is captivating, and as fleeting as it is memorable.


The songwriting for “FELL IN LOVE” was a collaborative effort involving the following:

  • Mark Hoppus
  • Nick Long
  • Ryan Tedder
  • Tom DeLonge
  • Robert Smith
  • Travis Barker

Additionally, the production was handled by Barker, Long, and Tedder. This collective brought together their various musical expertise to craft the track.

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