“Quarantine” by Blink-182

“Quarantine” was written during the Covid-19 Pandemic, thus discusses life during the period and how people had to adjust their lifestyles during the lockdown periods.

He begins by making a point that although life in quarantine is extremely boring, he is actually lucky to be able to keep safe at home since some people simply can’t afford it. He then stresses on how boring the season is by comparing it to other boring activities he’d rather be doing instead of just staying at home for days. The singer makes a reference to how other people are keeping themselves busy during the lockdown. He cites that while some are turning to alcohol, others have adapted to reading. He also mentions how some parents who have been stuck at home with their children are tired and reconsidering the whole idea of having kids.

In the pre-chorus, the writer ironically refers to President Trump’s assertion that the virus will disappear quickly.  He further makes sarcastic remarks on how they don’t care if people die or the disease continues to spread because they’d just rather live their normal, interesting lives again..

The narrator in the final chorus however accepts that though the disease is as annoying as its impacts, he’s not going to shake hands or let people kiss or touch him. And he’s taking all these steps in order to keep him and others safe.

Who wrote and produced “Quarantine”?

Travis Barker alongside Brian Lee composed “Quarantine” with Mark Hoppus. The former two also worked on its production.


On August 7th, 2020, Blink-182 through Columbia Records released “Quarantine”.

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