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Uh, close your eyes

So watch ’em do the Macarena, somewhere out by Pasadena
Love a drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of
You a waste of the space that you take up
Livin’, this time around I’m not kiddin’
I had an intuition about these women and suspicions
Got me lookin’ at you different, how I’m a man in my position
Can’t stop slippin’ down these slopes
‘Cause it’s all just downhill from there
As a kid I didn’t learn that, but now I’m aware
When you were young and you just tryna live your life and have some fun
In a world where you have yet to see how evil it’s become
It’s hard to have a dream when you deep inside of one
And I know you hate them spirits so I keep em in my lungs
I’m a Beatle to these young kids
But sometimes I be feelin’ like a needle to these young kids
You had the world, you about to leave it to these young kids
And we gonna show you what the love is

Stay high, go for what you know
Let it in your mental
And don’t ever let it go
It won’t stop
You can’t fight the feeling
You can’t fight the feeling, no
It won’t stop
You can’t fight the feeling
You can’t fight the feeling, no

Uh, and I keep a couple most dope homies by me
So there ain’t too many times it’s me, myself and Irene
We stay smokin’ through the night wake up, do some Tai Chi
Homie can’t you see I’m chillin, please don’t fuck up my Chi
Yea my jacket Y three, recently been up on fashion
Waste a bunch of money, kinda stinks of sastisfaction
Fell asleep in Hollywood, woke up in Manhattan
Ballin’ like I’m Jordan, but I’m fresh as Mars Blackmon
A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your dreams
A price on an idea, we never can agree
They tell you what to know, but it’s better to believe
So why you tryna act like what you never gonna be?
Still I tell ’em fuck what you know, I’m feelin’ comfortable
Just continue livin’ life, ’cause enough of ’em don’t
You spent your days countin’ every single penny made
Restore it now, ’cause we comin’ for you anyways

Stay high, go for what you know
Let it in your mental
And don’t ever let it go
It ain’t never gonna stop ’cause
You can’t fight the feeling
You can’t fight the feeling, no
It won’t stop ’cause
You can’t fight the feeling
You can’t fight the feeling, no

Sometimes I wake up, up in the mornin’, make up
Wipe the smudge of makeup off my bed soon as she’s gone and
Take up hours out my day just do find power, shit to say, but
You won’t hear it, even if your ears was pierced with Beats by Dre
I mean, the sun is slowly fallin’
We all surely should die eventually, so what’s your callin’?
Oh, you left your phone behind, identity
Crisis, break mirrors, vices steer us through wickedness
Jesus Christ is right near us and devil say you owe ten percent
Sold your soul, I know, sold your soul and you’re hopeless
My focus, stare at elopin’ on boats that float in the open
On oceans that coast the line on the margins I rhyme, chokin’
Or Soakin’ up game, I’m hopin’
You picked the second one, change the emotion of jealousy that you’re holdin’
You’re telling me, that you’re golden, but really cubic zirconia, let me see
I’ll break you down like a pound of fire whenever
Your tactics are mighty clever
But even if you Mayweather
You can’t fight the feeling, feeling
You can’t fight the feeling, no
It won’t stop
You can’t fight the feeling, feeling
Oh, fuck me
Oh, I want you to fuck me
Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, don’t stop, oh

Full Lyrics

Mac Miller’s ‘Fight The Feeling’ stands as a haunting epitome of the late artist’s struggle with fame, substance abuse, and the search for authenticity. Through a blend of smooth flows, introspective lyrics, and aching rawness, Miller introspects on the human condition, offering a window into his soul that listeners can’t help but peer through.

The track is an amalgam of Miller’s personal demons and a broader commentary on society’s relentless pursuit of happiness, often in vain. It’s a bittersweet symphony that underlines the inevitability of human suffering, and the boundless effort to mask it with ephemeral pleasures.

A Dive into Mac’s Mind: The Personal is Universal

Miller opens the track, drawing parallels between the distraction of dance — the Macarena — and the numbing effects of love, which he likens to a drug everyone craves. Here, Mac lays bare the human tendency to fill existential voids with momentary highs. His critique isn’t just personal; it’s a cultural mirror reflecting our shared fixation on escapism.

This track is not a lecture, but an empathetic arm around the listener. Miller’s admissions are confessions, acknowledging his complicity in the very behaviors he scrutinizes. It portrays a cycle of awareness and indulgence, a contradiction that we, too, live daily.

Chasing Dreams, Or Living Them? The Reality of Aspiration

Mac Miller’s lyric ‘It’s hard to have a dream when you deep inside of one’ is a somber realization of the entrapment within one’s ambitions. The artist delves into the dichotomy of yearning for something more while being ensnared by the allure of his own success and potential.

This line blurs the line between aspiration and actuality. It’s a profound commentary on the pursuit of dreams and the irony that once ensnared in the dream, it becomes nearly impossible to dream anew. Mac’s lyricism prompts listeners to question their own pursuits and whether they are chasing dreams or merely sleepwalking through them.

The Unrelenting Truth: ‘You Can’t Fight the Feeling’

If there’s a mantra to ‘Fight The Feeling,’ it is undoubtedly the refrain, ‘You can’t fight the feeling.’ This hook is a surrender to the tide of emotions, suggesting that resistance to our innermost nature is futile. It might be interpreted as advocating for authenticity in the face of social pressure to conform.

On the other hand, ‘the feeling’ Mac refers to could also signify the irresistible pull of destructive habits or the inevitability of facing one’s darkest parts. In repeating this line, Miller may be acknowledging the struggle to change ingrained patterns or the implicit challenges in altering one’s course.

Deciphering the Song’s Hidden Message: Mac’s Philosophical Ruminations

Beneath the surface of ‘Fight The Feeling’ lies a philosophical treatise on existentialism. When Miller spits, ‘Jesus Christ is right near us and devil say you owe ten percent,’ he’s wrestling with morality, the seduction of evil, and the questioning of faith and materialism.

These lyrics showcase a wrestling of duality within the human spirit – the constant battle between higher ideals and the lowly lure of sin. Miller’s work often touched on such dichotomies, and this track serves as another exploration into the equilibrium of opposing forces within oneself.

Lines that Linger: Memorable Moments in Mac Miller’s Odyssey

Mac Miller had a knack for delivering lines that would resonate on a profound level with his audience. ‘A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your dreams’ encapsulates the belittling of our innermost desires by a society more concerned with commercial value than personal growth.

Yet another impactful moment is, ‘Still, I tell ’em fuck what you know, I’m feeling comfortable.’ Here, Miller extols the virtue of self-assuredness and authenticity amidst external noise and cynicism. It’s a declaration of self-acceptance, rebellious and reaffirming in its candor.

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