“Dunno” by Mac Miller

“Dunno” is a track the late American rapper-singer Mac Miller dedicated to his romance with a particular female. He starts off by stating that she has some questionable characteristics. However they are still very much in love. Yet there appears to be turmoil present in the relationship. So Miller is imploring his partner to put effort into getting along with him. He perceives that the most-effective way for her to do so is to freely surrender herself to their love.

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He also states that he can heal what appears to be an anxiety issue she is experiencing in relation to her work. Ultimately he expresses his belief that despite the challenges faced, their relationship is still going to survive.

Is this song about Ariana Grande?

From all indications it is apparent Miller penned this song for his former lover, Ariana Grande. However, Miller unfortunately didn’t live long enough to confirm or deny this. He died just few weeks after the song was released.



Facts about “Dunno”

  • Mac teamed up with songwriter and producer Parson Brown to pen this song.
  • Aside co-penning “Dunno”, Brown also produced it. Mac and Jon Brion are also contributed additional production to this track.
  • “Dunno” was released on 3rd August, 2018.
  • The track appears on the album Swimming. Swimming, which was Mac’s fifth studio album, ended up being the last album Mac’s label released during his lifetime. Mac died prematurely of a drug overdose about a month after the release of Swimming. He was only 26 years old when he met his demise.
  • No music video was made for this song. It’s not clear why. However, it is possible that Mac’s sudden death could have been a reason why the song has no video.
  • On November 28, 2018, a piano based live version of “Dunno” was released posthumously by Spotify. Mac had recorded that version of “Dunno” live at Spotify’s studios in New York shortly before his death. He recorded that track along with a cover of Billy Preston’s 1974 single “Nothing From Nothing“. Spotify released both songs as a mini-EP titled Spotify Singles Mac Miller.

Was “Dunno” released as a single?

No. Swimming produced only three singles, including “Self Care“. “Dunno” wasn’t one of these singles.


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