Meaning of “Self Care” by Mac Miller

“Self Care” is a song by the late American rapper and singer Mac Miller (also known as Larry Fisherman). The lyrics of “Self Care” see Miller alluding to a number of issues in his life, including the demise of his relationship with American singer Ariana Grande. He goes on to talk about treating himself right and how he’s going to be alright despite all the turmoil and obstacles in his life.

At first, many thought one of the issues the young rapper was talking about in the song was his DUI charges. However, it turned out that Miller penned this song way before the incident.

Few days after Miller’s shocking death, it was revealed by (who had a lengthy interview with him) that the song was written many days before his accident. These are the exact words of Miller:

“I made that song (Self Care) way before the sh*t went down”.


In May 2018, Miller was arrested and charged with a number of offenses, including driving under the influence after he crashed his Mercedes G-Wagon into a power pole and knocked the pole in the process. He fled the scene after the accident but was later arrested by police.

Lyrics of "Self Care" by Mac Miller

Relationship with Ariana Grande

Miller and singer Ariana Grande began a romantic relationship in August 2016. The relationship ended in May 2018. The relationship’s demise was mainly due to Miller’s uncontrollable addiction to drugs – an addiction which eventually killed him at the young age of 26. Miller once said he began using drugs when he was only just 10.

Music Video for “Self Care”

The track’s official music video, which was released on the same day as the track, shows Miller being buried alive in casket. While in the casket, he lights a cigarette and uses a knife to write the words “memento mori” on the cover of his casket. “Memento mori” is Latin for the phrase “remember that you have to die”. At the end, Miller succeeds in breaking out of his coffin.


The music video, which was directed by Christian Weber, pays tribute to the 2004 action film Kill Bill: Vol. 2. In the film, the character Beatrix Kiddo / The Bride (played by Uma Thurman) punches her way out of a coffin in which she was buried alive in.


Sadly, a few weeks after the video was shot (on September 7, 2018), Miller died of a drug overdose in his home in Los Angeles, California.

But did Mac Miller predict his own death in the video? Was the video his way of saying goodbye to his fans? Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Facts about “Self Care”

  • The song was co-written by Miller, Peter Mudge, DJ Dahi, J.I.D., ID Labs and Dev Hynes.
  • “Self Care” was produced by ID Labs, TheBeatPlug, DJ Dahi and Nostxgic. Miller didn’t play any role in the song’s production.
  • In addition to co-writing the track, songwriters Dev Hynes and J.I.D. also contribute vocals to the track.
  • Both “Self Care” and its official music video were both released on July 13, 2018.
  • The track was the second single from Miller’s fifth studio album Swimming. The album was the last album of Miller’s that was released while he was alive.

6 Responses

  1. makyla says:

    i loved mac miller and his song self care

  2. Richard Smith says:

    Fighting his way out of a paper bag with holes in it . God-bless his spirit he’s gonna be alright Amen . Self care cry for help !

  3. JT says:

    Mac left us far too soon. His music was evolving and there was so much more to look forward to. Godspeed, Malcolm. Rest in paradise.

  4. *creative name* says:

    Mac was a good man, even tho he did drugs, he was one of my favorite singers, and still is today, I also don’t know for sure if he planned, his death, more likely he knew he was gonna die that month, makes me sad because I turned seven a few days after he died, I still have hope that he’s alive, God Bless that man and his life, only Lord knows if he’s alive today…When he wrote “memento mori” I almost cried when I found out what it meant..

  5. Steve Miller says:

    Discovering the genius of Mac Miller posthumously, just like I did with Amy Winehouse. Tragic parallels to these two. RIP

  6. Anonymous says:

    Swear the height be too tall so like September I fall
    Down below, now I know that the medicine be on call, yeah
    He said September I fall

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