“First Class” by Jack Harlow

“First Class” is highly braggadocious in nature, with Jack Harlow most notably, reading in between the lines, comparing his newfound stardom to others who haven’t made it. The chorus features, especially when you also take the closing bar of the first verse into consideration, what can be interpreted as an inspirational element. 

In the first verse, Harlow proclaims that “you could do it too”, as in make rich basically, “if you believe it”. And in the chorus he further presents himself as a motivator by asserting  that he can “put you up in first class”. But within the grand scheme of the song, in that latter case said “you” could also be someone like a romantic interest he’s trying to seduce with his wealth.

So with all of that noted, it appears that Jack is quite proud of himself for coming up in the game. However, he hasn’t been a celebrity long enough for things to completely go to his head. Therefore the vocalist also recognizes that others can make it too with similar effort, though that sentiment ultimately gets lost underneath all of the boasting.

Lyrics to Jack Harlow's "First Class"

Jack Harlow

As of the release of this track on 8 April 2022, Jack Harlow, a 24 year old rapper from Louisville, is considered to be one of the top up-and-comers in the game. For instance, his first studio album, 2020’s “Thats What They All Say”, had a top 5 showing on the Billboard 200. 

“First Class” is a single from his sophomore LP, a project entitled “Come Home the Kids Miss You”.

“First Class”

This track is a product of Atlantic Records and Generation Now.

Fergie is actually credited as a co-writer of this song, alongside Harlow. And that would be because “First Class” samples a track she dropped in 2007 called “Glamorous“.

Jack first teased this song on the last day of March, 2022 and first announced it a few days before its release. A snippet he made available managed to go viral on TikTok even prior to the track’s issuance.

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