“Glamorous” by Fergie (ft. Ludacris)

Fergie has actually been involved in the entertainment industry since 1984, before she had even turned 10 years old. As far as her music career goes, she was originally down with a girl group called Wild Orchid that got together in 1990. Those who are familiar with her come-up know that this was some years before she joined Black Eyed Peas and experienced true industry success. And this song (“Glamorous”) is generally interpreted as being Fergie’s way of acknowledging that she has made it big but at the same time remains a grounded individual.

But truth be told, the best way of classifying “Glamorous” would in fact be as braggadocious. Yes, Fergie may humble herself here and there. For instance, she reveals that she still digs Taco Bell like us laymen. Also the vocalist prefers chillin with her family even though, you know, she could be hanging out with celebrities instead. 

And her mind often harps back to the old days, when she “had a Mustang” as opposed to the “first class” flying she does now. 

In the second verse, Fergie acknowledges an unidentified addressee she intends on doing it big with, insinuating that this individual may be someone who remained by her side during the lean years. And in the bridge, the vocalist also proceeds to thank all her “fans”, in a relatively humble way when compared to some other famous singers.


But overall, making statements like your “lifestyle [is] so rich and famous” that even “Robin Leach will get jealous” doesn’t really come off as something a person would say while concurrently attempting to convince listeners that she’s still modest. 

That said, it should be noted that it is actually her collaborator (Ludacris) who makes that statement and not Fergie.

All in all, more appropriately put, this is indeed a come-up song, one in which the vocalist is reveling in her wealth while implying that she didn’t always have things like this. Or put differently, if Fergie had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, then there wouldn’t be any reason for her to now suddenly celebrate having “gold and diamond rings” and what have you.

Lyrics of Fergie's "Glamorous"

Date of Release of “Glamorous”

This song is from Fergie’s first album, a project known as “The Dutchess” (2006). Actually, Fergie has thus far only put out two LPs on her own, that being the aforementioned as well as 2017’s “Double Dutchess”. But of course, part of her A list notoriety is due to the fact that she was also down with the Black-Eyed Peas during that band’s most successful years.

This track was released on 23 January 2007 as the third single from “The Dutchess”.

Did Fergie write “Glamorous”?

Yes. The credited writers of this song, besides Fergie and Ludacris, are Blac Elvis, Polow da Don and Fergie’s Black Eyed Peas’ bandmate, Will.i.am. Polow da Don, a hip-hop oriented musician from the ATL, also produced the track.

More Facts

Award-winning music video director Dave Meyers helmed the creation of the official visual to “Glamorous”. The video was in part was inspired by the classic 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. And a few celebrities besides those directly involved in the song – as in B-Real, Apl.de.ap and Alfonso Ribeiro – make appearances.

“Glamorous” is one of Fergie’s biggest hits. This song topped the UK R&B Chart and Billboard Hot 100 (as well as Billboard’s US Dance Club Songs list). It also proved to be a chart topper in Australia and appeared on music rankings in about 20 different countries overall. Australia is also one of the nations where this track achieved the most commercial success. It was certified triple-platinum therein, as within Fergie’s homeland of the United States.

For the record, Fergie is actually from a part of California known as Hacienda Heights. And this marks her first and only collaboration to date with Ludacris, a rapper from Atlanta.

American rapper Jack Harlow sampled “Glamorous” into his 2022 hit “First Class“. Owing to the usage of parts of “Glamorous” in “First Class”, Fergie is credited as one of the writers of “First Class”.


Who is Robin Leach?

In the second verse, Ludacris mentions Robin Leach. Leach (1914-2018) is most famous for being the host of a TV show called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. This was a classic late 20th century television show that most notably showcased extremely-extravagant homes.

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