“Flux Capacitor” by Jay Electronica (ft. Jay-Z)

“Flux Capacitor” is another track in which Jay-Z and Jay Electronica take an intellectual approach to the lyrics being relayed.  More to the point, Jigga likens himself to “Moses”, i.e. someone who has come “to deliver… the chosen”. He also delves into recent allegations that he was a sellout due to a partnership he made with the NFL. And to prove that he’s not, the rapper expounds that he is “already rich”, even more so than “a whole NFL bench”, with the implication being that he has no logical reason to betray his people for money the organization has to offer. Then he goes on to say that when he dies, he doesn’t want his death to be taken advantage of by people who don’t even know him, as has been done with other celebrities.

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Meanwhile Jay Electronica reveals that he’s an adherent of the Islamic faith.  And in the process of doing so he gives a shoutout to “the honorable Louis Farrakhan”, whom he credits with converting him. He also bigs up the “R-O-C”, i.e. the label Jay-Z owns and he belongs to, in addition to referencing an old school emcee named Rappin Duke. And that kinda leads us to the title of this tune, which is actually a fictional device made famous by the “Back to the Future” film franchise. More specifically, the outro of “Flux Capacitor” samples a song by Rihanna in which she states a desire to “go back to the old way”. “Flux Capacitor” in and of itself is not based on idealizing the past. But rather the artists apparently decided to name it so on the strength of said sample.

Lyrics of "Flux Capacitor"

Facts about “Flux Capacitor”

The writing team behind this song not only consists Jay Electronica and Jay-Z but also the following:

  • KRS-One
  • No I.D.
  • D’Artanian Stovall
  • Elton Newman
  • Jerry Butler II

Rihanna is also credited as a co-writer due to the aforementioned sampling of her 2016 “Higher” song.

“Flux Capacitor” was produced exclusively by Jay Electronica.

The song was released by Roc Nation as part of Jay’s maiden album, “A Written Testimony”, on 13 March 2020.

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