“MOOD 4 EVA” by Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Childish Gambino

First off, in “MOOD 4 EVA”, it should be noted that the titular “mood” the artists (specifically Beyoncé) are referring to is based on their celebrating life. And this mindframe is defined primarily by two characteristics. First is that the artists’ tendency to live it up, as in shine and party hard whenever they are in venues (i.e. “the club”) that calls for such. And secondly and perhaps more-importantly, this mentality is characterized by a high sense of self-worth. For instance, throughout the track, all three artists, in some way, shape or form, compare themselves to “royalty”, especially of the African variety in keeping with the theme of the overall project this song is featured on.

And what the title suggests is that they are going to be in this ‘mood forever’.  Or put differently, they are never going to stop shining, celebrating life and perceiving themselves as royalty. This frame of thought is largely buffeted by their wealth. They are rich and famous enough to relish life on a level that others cannot. 

However, the main characteristic of their “mood”, as mentioned earlier, appears to be an extreme degree of self-confidence. And it does not read so much as them being snobbish or having inflated egos. Rather the singers recognize their accomplishments, are enjoying their standing in life and have the stated intention of holding onto this disposition ‘forever’.

Lyrics of "MOOD 4 EVA"

Songwriting Credits

Beyoncé and her two collaborators (Jay-Z and Childish Gambino) wrote this song with the following songwriters:

  • Blu June
  • Anatii
  • Brittany Coney

Release Date of “MOOD 4 EVA”

This song was released on the same day (July 19, 2019) that Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed The Lion King: The Gift album was released. This song and the album’s first single (“Spirit), are widely regarded as the standout tracks on the album.

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