“Frozen” by Circles Bob

Circles Bob’s version of “Frozen” is actually the chopped and mixed chorus from Madonna’s original rendition, which came out over two decades prior. So this isn’t necessarily a complete song from a lyrical standpoint. But there is still a distinct idea being expressed therein. 

And it is premised on the vocalist’s desire to lock the addressee down for life from an emotional standpoint. In other words, she is convinced that this could be a lifelong relationship if only she can ‘melt his heart’. 

And as implied in Madonna’s original, this narrative may well transcends the realm of romance, although the vocalist and addressee being lovers would perhaps be the most logical explanation. In other words, what the sentiments expressed ultimately boil down to is the addressee being in some type of hardened emotional state that the vocalist wishes to mitigate. And if she can achieve this goal, she is also convinced that doing so would be beneficial to the longevity of their association.

"Frozen" Lyrics

Interesting Facts

As it currently stands, even the almighty Google is seemingly devoid of information on Circles Bob. But what we do know is that the most prominent version of this track featured on YouTube was uploaded by a channel called Music Nation on 18 May 2021. And on said YouTube page Madonna is listed as the singer, with she and one of her regular collaborators, Patrick Leonard, also being noted as its writers.

What appears to be actually going down is that “Frozen” by Circles Bob is a remixed and stripped-down version of the chorus another song entitled “Frozen” that Madonna came out in 1998. 

The latter was officially written by herself and Patrick Leonard. So the presumption would be that Circles Bob is not a vocalist but rather a producer/DJ, since it was would appear he used the Queen of Pop’s original vocals on the tune on his version as well.

By the looks of things, as it currently stands Circles Bob’s version of “Frozen”, despite earning an admirable showing on YouTube (with approximately 4.7 million views and 2010S likes as of this writing) is not an official remix of Madonna’s original.


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