“Eazy” by The Game & Kanye West

“Eazy” is based on the premise of the vocalists’ lives having ‘never been easy’. So by the looks of things, The Game and Kanye West are tasked with detailing respective challenges they have or are facing. 

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The Game

And along the above lines, the first verse, which is held down by The Game, most notably features the gangsta rapper recounting how he grew up gangbanging. However, with the vocalist now being a mature 42 year old, he isn’t celebrating such a lifestyle. 

Indeed The Game even laments how now “too many YGs”, as in young gangsters, are out chasing paper, thus making the street ever chaotic. But outside of that, his passage is also notable for giving a shoutout to a few other hip-hop stars, including the following:

  • Puff Daddy
  • the late Biggie Smalls
  • Dr. Dre

The latter of whom can be considered the most successful Compton-based rapper of all time (with Compton also being The Game’s hometown).

Kanye West

Meanwhile, it seems that Kanye’s strategy in illustrating that his “life was never easy” or most notably isn’t at the moment is by harping primarily on his troubled family life. And he makes a few notable statements in that regard, especially considering that the main figures involved are all celebrities like himself. 

For instance, West expresses a desire to “beat Pete Davidson’s a-s”.  Pete Davidson, as you may already know, is the famous comedian who dated Yeezy’s wife, Kim Kardashian, in the aftermath of her and Kanye breaking up. And on one hand, whereas, in this day and age, some people may deem it immature to threaten your ex’s new beau, to note Kim and Kanye are still legally married as of the release of this song.

“Boujee and Unruly”

Another notable line is when Yeezus refers to his own kids as being “boujee and unruly”. And actually, all lyrics considered that serves as a way of criticizing his wife’s parenting skills. Kanye is actually alluding to the children being spoiled, most simply put, as a result of the way Kim and co. treat them. 

As such when they’re rather spending time with their dad, it appears that Yeezus is tasked with making them more humble and down-to-earth, i.e. feeding the lads some good ol’ fashioned Top Ramen and even having them participate, to some degree, in its making.

The Traditional Kanye West Fare

Besides the above, the rest of his verse is more or less usual Kanye West fare. For instance, God is mentioned quite a few times therein. But in this case, somewhat reminiscent of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing“, Yeezus asserts that he’s putting his spiritual side on the backburner, rather letting his “pride” take precedence. 

And also worth noting in the grand scheme of things is that he namedrops Kourtney Kardashian, his sister-in-law, in sort of a double entendre kind of way. The said reference actually alludes to the pending divorce between Kanye and Kim.

Thesis Sentiment of “Eazy”

The outro is highlighted by the phrase “he was once a thug from around the way”, which is also the line used to commence “Eazy”. It would seem that expression speaks most pointedly to The Game’s verse, as he comes off, as noted earlier, as sort of this penitent thug. He presents himself as someone who seems to have come to the realization that his life’s hardships were exacerbated by his own decision to vigorously gangbang.

And again, the thesis sentiment of this piece is pretty straightforward. And with Kanye’s verse indeed proving to be a bit prideful, the implication is that even though West is hella rich, he still has very serious problems, such as a messy divorce, to contend with nonetheless.

The Game & Kanye West, "Eazy" Lyrics
What The Game said of "Eazy"

Facts about “Eazy”

“Eazy” was put out by 100 Entertainment on 15 January 2022.

It marks the first single Kanye West has dropped since those associated with his 2021 album Donda

Upon its first 24 hours of release, this song was only available on Spotify. 

“Eazy” first began being teased by various parties involved about a week before its issuance.

Kanye and Game have collaborated a few times in the past. Their first collabo apparently dates back to the song “Crack Music” from Yeezy’s second album, “Late Registration” (2005).

The cover art to this song “depicts a skinned monkey against a blood red background”. This picture was actually taken by a prominent British photographer named Nick Knight. Animal rights’ NGO PETA actually condemned Kanye West’s utilization of the pic. According to them, monkeys “are fellow primates” who “do not belong to us to abuse for any purpose”..


The producers of this track, besides West, are:

  • Mike Dean
  • Wack 100
  • DontMindiIfIDuke
  • DJ Premier
  • Hit-Boy

It has been noted that in recent years, Hit-Boy and Kanye have had some sort of a tiff

To note Madonna, the Queen of Pop herself, provided additional vocals to “Eazy”.

This song was written by The Game and Kanye West, who respectively hail from Los Angeles and Chicago. The pair wrote it alongside another artist known as Chllr.

This track samples “Eazy-Duz-It” (1988). “Eazy-Duz-It” was the song that put the late Eazy-E (and by association the entire N.W.A. crew) on the national map. As such the vocals of 1990s’ songstress Michel’le, who participated on “Eazy-Duz-It”, are also found on “Eazy”.

The Threat on Pete Davidson

It has been reported from what appears to be a credible source that Pete took the Kanye’s stated desire to kick his a-s in jest. Put simply, he didn’t perceive Yeezus as a credible threat in and of himself. 

However, Davidson has acknowledged that Kanye has some loyal fans who may take it upon themselves to act on his behalf. Accordingly, the comedian beefed up his security. And that sorta implies that he does perceive Yeezy as a true menace. 

But that noted, said report also indicates that Kanye’s namedropping of the comedian brought Pete and Kim Kardashian even closer together, which appears to be the opposite of the intended effect.

In the direct aftermath of reports that Pete Davidson hired additional security after being called out by Kanye on “Eazy”, something more interesting happened. Celebrity boxer and social-media megastar Jake Paul, asserted that both he and West ‘are on Davidson’s a-s now’. 

Moreover he proceeded to threaten the comedian even more directly than Yeezus. For example, he told Pete that he is “soon to get slapped”. 

By the looks of things, Paul’s disliking of Davidson dates back to mid-2021. This was when Pete hosted Jake’s fight against Ben Askren. During the match, Pete made some disparaging comments about him. 

Music Video

This song has a very weird music video. The said video, which was launched on 3rd March, 2022, is an animated affair that finds Kanye decapitating the cartoon version of Pete Davidson and then proceeding to bury him alive. To be honest, the video is quite disturbing. Some have even classified it as a further threat on the life of Davidson.

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