“Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)” by Beyoncé & Madonna

As to be expected, this remix is similar in sentiment to the original rendition of “Break My Soul“. In fact as for those who are under the impression that Beyoncé was using this song to promote what has become known as the Great Resignation, that attitude of ‘quitting your job’ is even more pronounced in this remix, appearing to be what the entire first verse is about, in a manner of interpretation.

But as for the song in its entirety, well, good luck trying to derive a thesis sentiment from this piece. That is to say that there’s so much going on lyrically that it may not appear the vocalists are speaking to any idea in particular. 

But actually, considering the title and all, it does seem that they are comprehensively alluding to the notion of not being knocked off course by naysayers and other types of disheartening rivals. That would apparently be why Beyoncé is promoting the practice of ‘loving thy hater’ for instance. 

The vocalists go on to give shoutouts to a plethora of Black female singers and other celebrities, both past and  present. Logically in their minds, such individuals would be those who actually lived up to such a standard. These female icons achieved greatness while casting aside negative distractions, or something like that.


In any event, what it seems the two music queens are promoting is adopting a new lease on life, one in which the ‘search for love’ serves as the sentimental standard. And in that quest, there’s going to be others who, through their ways and actions, will try to bring out a lower side of your character. 

So what Knowles and Madonna are further asserting is that such individuals will not ‘break their souls’. Why? Because this “new foundation” they are building upon is such that strength-inducing positivity is preferred over the weakness of giving in to negativity.


When was “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)” released?

This remix came out on 5 August 2022. The release took place a couple of weeks after the dropping of the original “Break My Soul”. The original song served as the lead single from Beyoncé’s 2022 album “Renaissance”. 

Said album did garner impressive sales’ numbers upon initial release. It also received the noticeable backing of seemingly every applicable mainstream entertainment publication on the web. 

However, it did not commercially perform as well as some of the Queen B’s previous outings, such as her most recent LP prior to this one, 2016’s “Lemonade”.

The Beyoncé & Madonna Collaboration

This is the first time Beyoncé has dropped a track with Madonna, a fellow music icon who got into the game a generation before Knowles herself. In fact interpolated into this remix of “Break My Soul” is one of the Queen of Pop’s own classics, that being 1990’s “Vogue“.


Besides for Beyoncé and Madonna, other musicians who are credited as both writers and producers of this song are:

  • The-Dream
  • Tricky Stewart
  • Shep Pettibone

Note: Pettibone and Madonna are credited writers/producers of “Vogue”. 

Additional producers of the Queens Remix of Break My Soul are:

  • Yeti Beats
  • Isak Swing
  • Frooty Treblez

The other co-writers are:

  • Allen George
  • Fred McFarlane
  • BlaqNmilD
  • Big Freedia

To Note

It is Big Freedia along with Madonna who are acknowledged as additional vocalists, with Beyoncé being the frontwoman.


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