“Fumble” by Trey Songz

On “Fumble”, Trey Songz apologizes to an ex-lover who got her heart broken by him. He realizes that he toyed with this girl’s heart and deeply regrets his actions.

Trey recounts that the girl truly loved him and was always with him despite the awful treatment he gave her. Now that she finally walked away, he wishes he had showed more love than he did. It appears he was still attached to his past while they were together and this affected his attitude negatively. Though his former partner did everything she could to make him happy, he was ungrateful and just fumbled with her heart instead of cherishing it.

The singer expresses his feelings in a letter in which he genuinely admits that he was wrong and takes full responsibility for his actions. He asks for a second chance and confesses his love. In the end, his ex does not believe he will change. This makes him feel even more ashamed and remorseful of his actions.


“Fumble” is a song which captures the remorse felt by the singer after breaking the heart of someone who was good for him. It expresses his need for forgiveness from his ex-lover.

Facts about “Fumble”

“Fumble” was released on September 21, 2012, and features on Trey’s fifth studio album. “Chapter V” is the title of that album.

The song was written by Trey together with hip hop artist, Ty Dolla $ign, as well as the following:

  • Lady G
  • Nate Welch
  • Darius Barnes
  • Troy Taylor
  • Chuck Gibson
  • Alagy Sanneh

It was produced by Darius Barnes (Phonix Beats), Ty Dolla, and Sanneh.

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