“Chi Chi” by Trey Songz (Ft. Chris Brown)

“Chi Chi” is the title of a Trey Songz collaboration with Chris Brown. The song is centered on intimate relations with females.

These artists are known to be two of the biggest advocates of ‘bumping and grinding’ in the music industry. As such, this song is filled with very-explicit terminologies and visualizations. For instance, in the chorus, the duo insinuates that they are ready to perform a certain wild intimate act on a partner. They also let the audience know that they have virtually effortless access to certain parts of the female body.

Trey Songz’s solo verse is too raunchy to delve into here. Although there seems to be attempts to use non-offensive, generally-consumable language, his lyrics were definitely written for adult ears.

At first, Breezy’s verse deviates from the topic of actual intimate relations. He rather tells a brief tale of using his economic resources to pursue a woman he is attracted to. However, later, Chris highlights some “rounds” he’s had with a female who is apparently a go-go dancer.

The song concludes with Breezy and Trigga reminding the female audience how available they are to have fan with them in a most pleasant manner.

Facts about “Chi Chi”

  • Writer(s): This song was actually written by Chris Brown and Trey Songz.
  • Producers(s): This track was produced by Miami’s Smash David and Germany’s twin producers CuBeatz.
  • Album/EP: The album this track will be featured on is yet to be announced.
  • Release Date: The release date for this track was 4 February 2019.
  • Record Label: This song was released locally by Atlantic Records and globally by WEA International.
  • Interesting Stuff: Contrary to popular belief, Chris Brown and Trey Songz have collaborated a number of times in the past. Prior to “Chi Chi”, the most-recent track featuring the two was Breezy’s 2016 “Dat Night”.

But what really is the meaning of “chi chi”?

It tends to have different meanings depending on where you go. In some slang languages (including Spanish), the term is even used to refer to a woman’s bust. However, the actual term in Spanish is “chi chis” and not “chi chi”. It’s apparent this is what the artists are referring to, considering Chris dropped a couple of words in Spanish.

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