Gabbie Hanna’s “Medicate” Lyrics Meaning

In “Medicate”, American internet personality and singer Gabbie Hanna takes on the role of a person who is suffering from heartbreak. In fact the sorrow she feels is so severe that she questions the existence of an external remedy for the discomfort, as in a drug she can take to “numb the pain”. She understands that the potency of a medication that powerful may permanently leave her in a state different from her current one. However, she acknowledges that such a psychological condition is the desired effect she is looking for. Indeed she wonders if there is a way that this aching can somehow be converted to something advantageous.

In the second verse, Gabbie gives a brief narrative of the scenario in which this drug is administered. This features an encounter with a friendly doctor, but the overall experience is a harrowing one.

The bridge of the song seems to insinuate that Gabbie has been advised to take a break from relationships in order to heal. However, she seems reluctant to do so.

Instead of speaking in just a figurative sense, the lyrics of this song do a different thing. They may have actually been inspired by the fact that in the last couple of years there has been increased attention given to the prospect of individuals being able to literally kill “sadness with science”.

So in summation, the lyrics of “Medicate” see Gabbie lamenting bitterly over a lost love. In doing so, she desperately looks for an unconventional, chemically-induced method of overcoming the sadness in her heart.

Lyrics of Gabbie Hanna's "Medicate"

Facts about “Medicate”

  • Writer(s): Gabbie Hanna wrote this song.
  • Producer(s): Music producer LYRE, who produced Gabbie’s 2018 single “Honestly”, produced this song.
  • Album/EP: This track is off Gabbie’s debut studio album titled This Time Next Year.
  • Release Date: “Medicate” came out on February 1, 2019. It was released 6 days before Gabbie’s 28th birthday.
  • Interesting Stuff: This song marked Gabbie’s first offering for the year 2019.

Are the lyrics of “Medicate” autobiographical?

It’s highly possible they could be. As of today, Gabbie hasn’t stated whether they are a work of fiction are based on a real situation in her life. That said, it is possible the song was inspired by a real heartbreak. Why do we say this? In 2018, she revealed to Genius that her single “Honestly” was inspired by a lover of hers who broke her heart. We strongly suspect this song is also based on that man she was dating.

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