“Give It 2 Me” by Madonna

In “Give It 2 Me”, Madonna is depicting herself as an indomitable, extremely self-confident individual. And she puts this idea in various, albeit very general, contexts, including a sexual one, to illustrate. 

But with this being a dance song and all, ultimately such bravado can be interpreted as a means of encouraging, by example, the people in the party to “get stupid” or freely dance, as we like to say in this blog. 

Indeed the Queen of Pop intentionally designed this piece, in her own words, as a track that would “get the whole place jumping” when played or one that someone can “work out to”, i.e. a hype, inspirational piece. 

And what it is the listener is essentially being encouraged to do is give their all to whatever endeavor they are engaged in at the moment, which if they are in a party or musical venue, as designed, would then entail vigorous dancing or bouncing.

Lyrics to Madonna's "Give It 2 Me"
Madonna talks about "Give It 2 Me"

When did Madonna release “Give It 2 Me”?

She did so in 2008. It was the second single from the singer’s “Hard Candy” album.

Song Credits

Madonna composed “Give It 2 Me” with support from Pharrell Williams. At a later date, she alongside Pharrell and proceeded to produce it.

“Give It 2 Me” at the Grammys

“Give It 2 Me” was one of the songs to be nominated for “Best Dance Recording” at the 51st Grammys. The said award was eventually given to “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” performed by Daft Punk. The following songs also earned nominations in that category:

Chart Performance

This was a major hit for Madonna. It was a top-10 tune in over 20 regions.

  • US – 57
  • UK – 7
  • Turkey – 1
  • Switzerland – 4
  • Spain – 1
  • Scotland – 4
  • Russia – 3
  • Portugal – 2
  • Norway – 6
  • Netherlands – 1
  • Italy -3
  • Ireland – 10
  • Hungary – 1
  • Global – 1
  • Germany – 8
  • France – 5
  • Finland – 2
  • Denmark – 4
  • Czech Republic – 4
  • Canada – 8
  • Belgium – 3
  • Austria – 10

“Give It 2 Me” topped the “Billboard Hot Dance Club Play” chart. In doing so, it became the singer’s 39th number 1 single.

Give It 2 Me

The “Hard Candy” Album

Madonna recorded the Grammy-nominated and dance-pop song, “Give It 2 Me” in 2007. The song is the third single from the singer’s eleventh studio album entitled “Hard Candy”.

Madonna’s longest-term label, Warner Bros Records, released “Hard Candy” on April 18, 2008. The album was the last Madonna album to be released under the record label. It marked the end of a 25-year collaboration between the singer and Warner Bros Records.

Madonna featured and collaborated with top artists and producers on the album, including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Timbaland, Nate “Dania” Hills, and The Neptunes. She has stated that the majority of the songs on the album describe her personality and are autobiographical to some extent.

“Hard Candy” is one of Madonna’s best collections and has provided her with many recognitions and accolades.

Vodafone and Warner Bros Music agreed on a deal that made the songs on the album available to only Vodafone users before the album’s official release. Sony Ericsson also agreed on a contract that gave them the rights to preload the album on their phones.

The album topped Billboard’s 200 charts, the U.K. Albums Chart, and over 20 albums chart of many European countries. It has received many platinum and gold certifications globally and sold over five million copies. In addition, it was honored with a Grammy nomination at the 2009 Grammy awards.

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