“Money Maker” by Ludacris (ft. Pharrell Williams)

Sometimes in life there’s the hard way of doing things, and then there’s the easy way. And when types like Ludacris and Pharrell see a sexy babe that they want to score, instead of relying on flattering words or what have you, they can simply resort to the plethora of dollars in their pockets.

But that said, at least to some degree it is implied that this song is set in a strip club. And in those sorts of venues of course a woman is expected to ‘shake her money maker’, i.e. gyrate certain parts of her body in the name of being handsomely tipped by customers. But Luda makes it abundantly clear that he’s looking for more than just tucking a few dollars in some lady’s G-string. He’s striving for the entire package. 

But for clarification’s sake, simply classifying this is as a money-for-sex song would be oversimplifying the matter. Instead what the vocalist is doing, all lyrics considered, is appreciating the addressee’s sexiness and furthermore encouraging her, most simply put, to twerk.

Lyrics to "Money Maker"

“Money Maker” Facts

Artist(s): Ludacris (ft. Pharrell Williams)
Writing: Ludacris penned this with Pharrell Williams
Production: The Neptunes
Album/EP: “Release Therapy”
Genre(s): Dirty Rap

Grammy Win

In 2007 the song was honored with a Grammy award for “Best Rap Song”. In winning this award, it beat a number of songs, including Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push“.

When was “Money Maker” released?

 Luda officially dropped this song on the 17th of July, 2006. It was launched as the first single from his “Release Therapy” album of 2006.

Did “Money Maker” chart?

Yes, it did. Actually it did hit number one on the world’s most relevant singles chart, the US Billboard Hot 100. It also achieved hit the apex of multiple other Billboard charts, including “Hot Raps Songs” and “Pop 100”.

Money Maker

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