“Hot in Herre” by Nelly

“Hot in Herre” is all about Nelly making use of a crowded space filled with women that’s bound to be really hot, thus telling them to take off their clothes. Ultimately, it’s all about partying hard and being intimate in the club.

He drops activities surrounding a luxurious lifestyle such as living in a Four Seasons Penthouse, driving sports cars, popping bottles at a club, and having so much fame that he can be sexually engaged with models.

Nelly uses his fame to tell the ladies what to do. In this case, besides taking their clothes off, he instructs them to dance provocatively up on the dance floor and in front of the mirror.

It’s also undeniable that Nelly is a bu-t-loving guy with his multiple references to the female behind in this song.

Lyrics for Nelly's “Hot in Herre”

When did Nelly release “Hot in Herre”?

“Hot in Herre” is a hip hop track by Texas rapper Nelly. The track was made public on April 16 of 2002. It was released as single #1 from the rapper’s second studio project titled “Nellyville”.

Upon its release “Hot in Herre” enjoyed worldwide commercial success. It hit #1 in the US and Canada. In achieving this feat, it became one of the rapper’s most successful works as well as his first single to sit atop the charts in both nations.

In the UK and the Netherlands, “Hot in Herre” landed at #4. The song’s popularity also earned it a top-10 spot on the charts in many major music markets in Europe, including:

  • Denmark – 2
  • Norway – 5
  • Sweden – 6
  • Germany – 8
  • Switzerland – 10

In New Zealand and Australia, this song was also very popular. In both countries, it reached a peak position of number 3. This is a feat which at that time wasn’t very easy for hip hop songs to achieve in the aforementioned countries.

Awards and Accolades

As a testament to its global success, this song was nominated for a number of notable awards. For instance, in 2003, it won the category for “Best Male Rap Solo Performance” at the Grammys.  

“Hot in Herre” has been certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA for recording more than 2 million copies in sales. It went Platinum in the UK and New Zealand.

In 2008 it was placed, at #36, on the list of “100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop” compiled by VH1.

Credits for “Hot in Herre”

The rapper authored this track along with American guitarist and singer Charles Brown. They were assisted by the duo The Neptunes. And said duo, consisting of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, was responsible for producing the track.


Canadian recording artist Tiga covered this song in 2002. It was also covered by American rock group Widespread Panic in 2004.

Nelly’s “Nellyville” Album

In addition to this single, “Nellyville” was accompanied by four other singles. The second of these singles, “Dilemma”, was also a huge hit and like “Hot in Herre” it also won the rapper a Grammy Award in 2003. To note, “Dilemma” featured vocals from American songstress Kelly Rowland and it was issued on July 30 of 2002.

The third single of this project, “Air Force Ones”, came out on November 7 of 2002.

The fourth and fifth singles, “Work It” and “Pimp Juice”, were released in 2003 on February 25 and April 1, respectively.

“Nellyville” dominated album charts in many parts of the globe. It reached the summit of the Billboard 200 and sat atop of several other charts. Its remarkable performance in the UK, Australia, and Canada earned it a peak of #2 in said regions. This project also hit the top-10 in the following other nations:

  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Norway
  • Austria

“Nellyville” has been certified 7x Platinum in the US and 2x Platinum in both the UK and New Zealand. In Canada, this project received 4x Platinum certification.

At the Grammys in 2003, this album received two nominations in the categories, “Best Rap Album” and “Album of the Year”. It lost both accolades, losing the former category to “The Eminem Show” (the fourth studio album by Eminem). And for the “Album of the Year” category, “Nellyville” lost to “Come Away With Me”, a debut studio project by American singer Norah Jones.

In 2002, this record earned Nelly 6 awards at the Billboard Music Awards. The rapper won in categories such as “Rap Artist of the Year” and “Artist of the Year”.

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